Your Astrology Sign’s Tarot Forecast for December

Tarot Energy Forecast 

December is here, this year was a wild ride from start to finish, and now it comes to a close. We end the yearly cycle slow and steady, preparing for new beginnings. What is in store for you as we move forward and transition into the new year?

Aries: The Fool Reversed 

​Aries! You’re being reckless again. I know that it is in your nature. However, this time around it is causing you to become easily distracted and foolish in your choices. You’re putting yourself in dangerous situations by disregarding the consequences that will come from your actions. Living in the moment is a beautiful thing to do. However, it is starting to cause you more misery than happiness. This month, stay wild, but also settle yourself. You can have your freedom, but remain cautious and take a moment to think before you take action.

Taurus: The Hermit

​This month, Taurus, is a time for you to become introspective and search for the truth that’s inside of you. Take a breath and self-reflect. Disconnect from the opinions of others and find your own first and foremost. You have been clouded by the judgement of others recently. It is time to let go of their words and expectations. Instead dive deep into yourself. Contemplate what it is you want out of this life, and figure out how to get exactly what it is. 

Gemini: 2 of Swords Reversed

​You may be stuck in the middle of choices, Gemini, and it is causing you anxiety. Information will be coming at you from every which way this month. It will make your head swirl in all different directions! Grasp at the words coming at you and contemplate them. Seek out the truth of your wonders. Realize that there are no right choices to be made this time around. This month light will be shed. You will break free from the stalemate you have found yourself in as of late.

Cancer: Knight of Swords

​Cancer, you are ambitious and assertive, you get what you want when you want it, and that will never change. This month stay focused on following through on the goals you’ve set for yourself. However, remember there is always room to grow and expand! Take the faults you face lightly, do not become frustrated when your path does not meet perfection. Have patience and when obstacles rise in front of you this month. Simply veer around them and see what knowledge you can attain by moving in a new direction.

Leo: Wheel of Fortune

​Leo, change is coming this month in the most unexpected ways. Things you did not know you even wanted are going to manifest before your very eyes. Embrace the changes that are coming your way! Bad must always balance with good, so when times get tough do not give up. Enjoy the smallest moments of your days, they will paint the bigger picture you wish to admire.

Virgo: The Magician Reversed

​Virgo, you have been wasting away as of late, causing you to have self-doubts within yourself. These doubts are causing you to seek solace in others that exude toxic behaviors. You are deceived by the show they put on in order to gain your trust. When things get rough you lean on them for support, and they pretend to care. Truly they are sucking the energy right out of you. This month keep your guard up. Weed through those who have your best interest, versus those who only act as if they do. 

Libra: Lady of Coins

​The Lady of Coins has great independence! The Lady loves to care for others as much as she can. However, she also knows how to care for herself and to follow her own path. Libra, this month love those around you, but do not forget to love yourself just as much. You have the wisdom to bring blessings of abundance to both you and those you love.

​Scorpio: King of Staffs

​​Look at the bigger picture this month, Scorpio, take control of your life. You are bright and you are bold. Your intensity gives you strength unlike any other. It helps you see what is out there for you to conquer. It makes your dreams so bold that you make it your absolute goal to make them your reality. The King of Staffs represents pure fiery energy! This month, you will face an array of challenges. All challenges that you will overcome in order to make your deepest desires your beautiful reality. 

Sagittarius: Ace of Coins Reversed

​You have been brooding, Sagittarius, and for what reason? It is your season after all, you’re letting opportunities pass by right in front you. This card upright represents new beginnings and the power of manifestation. You are neglecting the chances that appear in front of you because you are planning your own demise. You need to step into your power in order to claim what you want; this is the time to nurture yourself and begin anew in order to work towards getting what you deserve. 

Capricorn: Ace of Swords

​Capricorn, your mind has been so foggy lately, you’ve been down in the dumps, but clarity is coming. Your eyes are opening to the truth. You will be forced to focus on new ideas and a new point of view. You will begin to see the world in a new light, as well as of those who live in it. Let the negativity fall away and let positive thoughts bring you peace this month. 

Aquarius: 9 of Cups Reversed

​Aquarius, this month you are sitting back. Your cups were once full and you were satisfied with what they held. Until they were overturned and what filled you up came flowing out. You were content, but that has been washed away and the disappointment is dragging you down. You’re wondering how to fill your cups back up and find success. Aquarius let the pain of the world fall off of you. You deserve peace, and through slow steps this month you will find your footing again. Find the deeper connection within yourself. Do the inner work, forget about what you want this month, instead focus on what you need.

Pisces: 3 of Swords

​Pisces, there has been loss, and there has been grief. There is pain, but there is purpose through it as well. This month there will be the lingering pain of a suffering heart. Know recovery is on the horizon. You can heal, you can forgive yourself, and you can forgive others. Sadness is a normal part of life, and it hits us at what seems like the worst times, and why? Why must we deal with the depression? Through it, we learn about ourselves. We gain insight into our deepest emotions. Although we are knocked down, we always get to decide whether to rise or not. Which will you choose this month?

December Energies

Overall, we have all gone through pain and heartache this year. We are finding our ability to step back into a power, in order to prepare for a new year. It is time for changes. A time for figuring out who we want to be and how to become that person through trial and tribulation. This month we find purity in ourselves that has been missing from both our lives and the world around us. We are courageous beings with souls meant to be free. Take the rest of this month and become exactly who it is you want to be.

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