You Go Girl! Pregnancy is Really F*cking Hard!

Yep, pregnancy is really f*cking hard and should be acknowledged as such, regardless of whether your body was “designed” to do it.  It doesn’t matter if you conceived on the first try or through multiple rounds of IVF, it’s okay to feel the burden of your body as it creates human life.  It’s okay that you can barely function, everything your husband does annoys the shit out of you, and you haven’t pooped in days.  Pat yourself on the back, and recognize that your body is busy doing something extraordinary! 

Pregnancy Is Really F*cking Hard_House of Healer

It’s far too often that a woman comes into my acupuncture practice and tells me that after months of trying to conceive, she is finally pregnant, absolutely elated. . . buuuuuut. . .feels like complete sh*t.  Well of course you do! You’re growing a little human and that is f*cking hard work!  

For most women (and I say that with a hefty grain of salt), the first trimester seems to be the most challenging.  Of course, if your woes continue (or worsen) throughout your entire pregnancy don’t fret—there really is no “normal” when it comes to this stuff.  Try letting go of expectations during your pregnancy, as this is the beginning stage of many changes to come.  Remember, we are all individuals, and everyone’s journey into motherhood is different.  Be careful of falling into the trap of being too hard on yourself because your pregnancy is not same as your friends, your sisters, or even previous pregnancies of your own.  They are all different!  You are different today, tomorrow, and so forth, and so is that little human you are baking.

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