Why a Tech Detox is Good for Your Brain and Your Emotions

I am now realizing I likely should have mentioned this before buuuut, I didn’t so let’s just address it now. Nope, I haven’t been blogging for the past month! At first, I was so busy moving my family that there just wasn’t any time. Side note, moving in general is awful, but moving with a toddler right before the holiday’s is just a double dose of fun (I am laying on the sarcasm really thick right there).

By the time we moved and I settled in a bit, I realized I was ungrounded, fatigued, and needed to reset my energy. Yes, I have been posting a bit here and there on Instagram but, I decided to remove all other ADD inducing distractions from my life for a couple weeks. Which brings me to explain why technology detoxing is crazy important for your overall well-being!

Time Sucker

To begin, all of our smart devices are complete and utter time suckers. How many times a day or a week do you complain about not having enough time to get things done? All of the endless scrolling, commenting, and liking just leads down a dark endless hole of wasted time. Yes, I am totally guilty of mindless scrolling. (F*ck I just did a ten minute one right now!) However, whenever I unplug I always seem to have more time for everything. Try it for one day, I bet you’ll surprise yourself with how much sh*t you get done.

Tech Detox_House of Healer

No Need to be Thoughtful or Speak to One Another

Next, who needs to be thoughtful when you can who, what, where, why, and how Google for anything?! Let’s be honest about this one, Google has changed our lives. The ability to look up, confirm, and double check everything is right at our finger tips. Conversation, debates, and discussions are simply not what the used to be. Ever go out to dinner and see an entire table just scrolling their phones? It is truly B A N A N A S!

We simply no longer speak to one another. I fear one day we might just find ourselves living in an alternate Idiocracy realty. We have become so dependent on our smart devices that even our memories and opinions are deflated. Who needs to remember anything when Google is only a click away? Remember, the brain is a muscle. When we stop working it, it starts to lose sharpness and wit. But, who needs to have an opinion when social media essentially tells you how to feel? Our time is monopolized by Silicon Valley, and our opinions are squewed by forever changing algorithms. We truly are plugged in and we have slowly become tech zombies.

Hiding Behind Technology

Personalities and originality are compromised due to tech overuse as well. Think about it, people text instead of talk on the phone. Groups of people sit around in silence, all individually scrolling on their smart devices. Alternate personalities and personas are created with a simple click of a new Facebook profile. For Pete sakes those two dudes Nev and Max created a hit series on MTV chasing down people all in fake online relationships. I still don’t understand how “cat fishing” is still a thing. I figured the jig would be up after season one.

It all comes down to embedded insecurities. I refuse to believe that civilization has lost all common sense. It seems more are just so uncomfortable interacting in-person, they are willing to believe outrageously obvious red flags. When we remove the tech bubble from our lives we get re-introduced to who we truly are. We also remove the toxic image of what “perfection” or “success” is, that has been created by celebrities and influencers.

Narcissism and Human Disconnection

I finally brought myself to watch the HBO documentary about the tragic story of Conrad Roy and Michelle Carter, I Love You, Now Die. Yes, it is an aggressive comparison but, it is a real life example of the plugged in realty we are living in. It is a real tragedy about two teenagers who are involved in a dramatic relationship, primarily via text. From my understanding they rarely ever actually meet in person.

Despite lacking in-person interaction, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts brought Carter to trial charging her and holding her responsible for Roy’s suicide. Their entire relationship was via texting and was on trial. It was easy for the Commonwealth to build a case because everything was in writing. Since phone records are forever, everything was available to see. Their entire “relationship” was literally on record.

The documentary really made me think about how disconnected and narcissistic we have all become. I wondered if Conrad’s and Michelle’s lives would have been different if they actually had a relationship in-person. Spoke to each other and interacted in person. After all, it is easy to remove emotions and empathy via text. It is much harder to lack emotion and empathy when you are face-to-face with someone you supposedly care for.


When we hide behind our smart devices we isolate ourselves and often develop narcissistic tendencies. We can live in (or create) alternate realities. Celebrities and “influencers” have created a vapid images that children, teenagers and even adults aspire to achieve. By doing so, we lose touch with who we truly are. We no longer have our own hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Our creative sense and right brained thinking is hindered. Our emotional connection to reality is depleted, and we begin to lose sight of true human connection. Perhaps depression, anxiety, and emotional imbalances could decrease if everyone stopped judging each other with a “like” every second of every day.

Let’s Be Realistic

It may seem outrageous and even grim to consider. However, if we all continue to walk around with our heads down (buried in our smart devices) civilization is headed towards a lonely existence. I encourage you to try a tech detox for a day, a few days, a week even. Start small, perhaps remove just one social media outlet from your life? Maybe television? Whatever you feel you can stick too, give it a real try. See if your memory improves, your conversations are more in depth, or if your creative sense starts to blossom. As always, let’s practice realistic and authentic healing.

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