What Type of Healer is Best For You?

We All Need Healing in 2020

We are living in some challenging times. A world full of sadness, fear, grief, and anger. I don’t think anyone could have ever have prepared for 2020 and all that has unfolded. Now more than ever, so many of us are in desperate need of self-care. Being quarantined with family members for months might have dug up some emotions you had forgot were buried deep down inside. The brutal death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter might be bringing forth much sadness and too much rage to cope with. Yet, the curfews have been lifted and business are starting to open. Perhaps it is time to try and help yourself a little?

If you have never sought out alternative or holistic care before, it might seem overwhelming to know what type of healer might be best for you. Don’t worry, I actually think it is really quite normal. To be completely honest, my favorite type of patient is the one who walks through my door and says “I’m not completely sure why I am here, but I have heard that you might already know why.” After all, healing is complicated. When it comes to choosing what is best for you, simply let your intuition guide you. The main key to healing is consistency and doing the work on yourself. So make sure you pick someone you want to go see, you enjoy working with, and a service you look forward to. If you think you need a little self-care, here are some different types of healers that might be beneficial for you!


It is common for people to assume that acupuncture only treats pain. Being an acupuncturist I hear it often; don’t you just treat back pain? The truth is, acupuncture is a mind-body healing modality that treats EVERYTHING! What makes this Eastern healing modality so efficient and effective is the ability to connect all signs and symptoms to the root issue. Acupuncturists understand that we are all unique individuals. Therefore, even two patients complaining about headaches will still have their own unique signs and symptoms. We never box any patient into a “labeled diagnosis.” Instead we ask questions, look at your tongue, feel your pulse and thoughtfully work to understand where the root imbalance resides.

I know what you are thinking; it’s needles so it has to hurt right? Nope! Acupuncture needles do not hurt. They are teeny teeny tiny and the experience should be relaxing. Honest, most patients fall asleep during the session! Acupuncturists can treat digestive issues, neurological imbalances, emotional / mental health issues, women’s health and fertility complications, pain, and even skin disorders. Also, remember those cool cupping marks you saw Karen sporting during your last hot yoga session? Well, proper cupping, as well as Gua Sha are done by an acupuncturist!

In my personal experience, there are a couple types of patients that seek out acupuncture care. One being those in physical pain but, have been told by an MD that there is “nothing physically wrong.” They come in for pain work, get better relatively quickly, and then come back for maintenance when necessary. The other type are those who are seeking a deeper connection to who they are. They are seeking clarity, direction, with hopes of discovering a body-mind balance during this lifetime.

Reiki Practitioner

Reiki, (pronounced ray-key) is another healing modality from the East (Japan). The term Reiki can actually be translated as “spiritually guided life force energy.” Reiki Practitioners are trained to understand energy and energy fields around the body (aura and Chakras). Many study and work with the Chakra System. They learn to channel the Universal energies in order to nourish or balance energy within their patient. Some use a floating hands techniques, while others do light gentle touching (holding). It’s important to note, like many healers, every Reiki Practitioner has their own style, training, and lineage.

Asha Surti MS OTR/L, of Reiki Traveler, treats a wide range of patients. After all, Reiki can be used to treat physical, emotional, as well as deeper spiritual healing. From experience, Surti has found those who are ready to start doing “inner work” tend to seek out Reiki practitioners. Meaning, they are ready to start “shedding layers in a safe healing space.” Like most Eastern healing modalities, Reiki healing works to get to the root of the imbalance. Surti believes root healing “can be from a past life pattern or something in the present moment the patient needs to see.”


Shamanism has been around forever, it is the ancient healing powers of Natives. Shamans work with the healing medicinal powers of Mother Earth and her Spirits. Even though Shamanic work has been done for centuries, I have personally found that they are starting to become more popular amongst the culture of today. Shamanic work is a sacred and powerful art. They work to restore wholeness within a person’s body so that they can heal on their own during this lifetime. What is particularly special about Shamanism, is that it isn’t a healing modality that is “taught”, it is an innate healing quality that is carried throughout lifetimes.

Leigh Higgins of Hoboken, NJ has found those who seek out his services are those “who are open to their own healing. They are curious and seekers of the ‘more’ they know is out there.” Shamanic work is much different than the previous healers I discussed. Shamans aim to restore what has been lost or damaged within your soul. It is important that the patient be ready to do the work on their own as well. Shamans believe lessons are sacred. That they are a large part of our own personal healing journey. Higgins believes many of his patients “are facing challenging physical or emotional issues in their life, but they have felt the spark of empowerment and are ready to take more control over their life and their happiness.”

Psychic Medium (Intuitive’s)

OK, I know many people are very skeptical of psychic mediums. With stupid shows like “Long Island Medium” it is understandably so. However, there are indeed some truly authentic and gifted psychic mediums walking amongst us. Being an intuitive myself, I can say those who typically seek out intuitive work are seeking signs and messages from loved ones. While I don’t do intuitive readings, messages do often come through to me during acupuncture healing sessions. Generally, the patients who need this work the most have dealt with profound loss and grief during this lifetime. Messages are relayed only when I believe they will provide comfort, love, and direction.

Maria Molina RMT + Certified Medium of Flower Magick, says “most people seek out her services for clarity and validation. Many want to know their purpose, or when they’re unhappy in their career, what else they are good at.” Similar to my intuitive style Molina says “clients seek guidance from their loved ones. Many want to know that their loved ones are okay.”

It should be stated that Psychic Mediums are all very different, because messages are relayed to them through their own Spirit Guides. Many times messages might be misinterpreted or misunderstood simply because, the intuitive wasn’t able to fully grasp what their own Guides were relaying. Yes, we might be “intuitive’s” but, we are still only human.


There is a reason for the saying “it’s written in the stars.” It’s because our lives are mapped out by the stars and the planets the moment we are born. Pretty cool right? If you haven’t ever had your birth chart read by an astrologer I HIGHLY recommend it. It is jam packed with endless information all about you, your behaviors, emotions, and destined path. Also, it’s f*cking cool, so why not?!

Anna Lesniak of Song of Sparrows, in NYC says “most people come for relationship advice and career assistance. Either partnership misunderstandings, repeat of karmic patterns, cheating, mistrust, loneliness and fear of vulnerability.” Lesniak specifically specializes in soul / karmic path work. So, helping others to understand their behaviors and decisions through their own birth chart is all in a days work. For career guidance, Lesniak says she assists clients in “the search for greatest soul fulfillment and financial security.”

Healing is Messy

No matter what you are seeking, always be prepared to get messy. I think the general misconception about healing is that it is blissful. This could not be further from the truth. Healing is messy, complicated, and can send someone into an emotional spiral. It is important to really feel safe and comfortable with the healer you choose. Consistency and openness will set your soul free.

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