Earth Angel Qualities + Characteristics

Have you ever heard of an Earth Angel? No, I am not just making sh*t up! Earth Angels are real and they are walking amongst us! Earth Angels are people who are natural light workers. Whether they know it or not, they have a specific life purpose to spread love and light here on Earth. They are guided to help and heal humanity, as well as all Earth’s beautiful creatures. They are natural healers because of their innate connection to the Divine (angelic realms). Curious if you or someone you know is an Earth Angel? Read on to discover a few Earth Angel characteristics.

Sensitive + Intuitive + Desires Quiet Time

It should be no surprise that Earth Angels are extremely sensitive and highly intuitive creatures. Their gifts come from their connection to the angelic realm. Many Earth Angels feel things so strongly that they can not watch the news or even scary movies. It is simply too much to cope with. Especially when having to do with humanitarian causes, children, or animals. After all, Earth Angels are extremely protective and are guided to helping children, animals, and the most vulnerable souls. Seeing unjustified evil acts, deeply hurts them and can send them into an emotional downward spiral.

Like most highly sensitive and intuitive souls, Earth Angels crave quiet time. They need time alone to unwind and go inward so that they do not lose all their energy. Taking this into consideration, Earth Angels typically have a difficult time being in metropolitan areas. Modern life and loud cities is simply too chaotic for them. When Earth Angels are energetically overwhelmed, their precious quiet time is how they are able to ground themselves. When grounded, they may then continue on with their life’s purpose of spreading light.

House of Healer

Earth Angel vs. Empath

Fun fact most Earth Angels are Empaths. However, not every Empath is an Earth Angel. It can be challenging to decipher between the two. The real difference is that Earth Angel’s have a true life purpose for spreading love and light. While some Empaths also do the same, it isn’t necessarily their life’s purpose. It may just be they are innately good at helping others because they feel emotions so strongly. Whereas an Earth Angel feels absolutely no separation from their “work.” They are passionate about what they are “supposed” to do, and they do it. It is never work, it is their purpose.

Alienated + Uncomfortable in Their Own Body

Earth Angels generally feel extremely uncomfortable in their own bodies. After all, this is not their true physical form. When an Earth Angel decides they want to spread light on the physical realm, they are trading in their angelic physical form for something completely different. It is common for Earth Angels to experience upper back pain (where your wings used to be), as well as repetitive foot / ankle injuries. After all, you aren’t used to being so “grounded.” Getting comfortable with walking and standing can feel foreign. Even often changing hair colors or hair styles is something Earth Angels tend to do!

Childhood difficulties, such as felt alienated, isolated, or misunderstood is also an indicator of a possible Earth Angel. Being bullied or labeled as an “outcast” is quite common for Earth Angels. Feeling as if you are the black sheep of your family, or even alienated by your immediate family is something Earth Angels may have experienced from time to time. Again, since they are not from this physical plane it is challenging for Earth Angels to quickly adapt away from their angelic ways.

Humanitarian (Here to Serve)

Earth Angel’s lower their vibrations to be on this physical plane. They passionately believe their only purpose is to serve and contribute to the greater good. They are often passionate about many humanitarian causes. Constantly getting involved in causes and activism is very common. However, what is most prevalent amongst Earth Angels, is their ability to see light or good in all that they do. Even amidst the most grim circumstances, an Earth Angel has the natural ability to see the rare silver lining.

Since they are so passionate about “serving” others, an Earth Angel will rarely ask for help. Not because they don’t want to, sometimes it is just extremely difficult to impose or feel like “a bother” to others. Earth Angels would rather struggle through circumstances rather than feel like a nuisance or trouble to another. It simply goes against their greater purpose of helping others.

Being a humanitarian, it should be no surprise that Earth Angels thrive when they spend time in nature. It is very healing to them and they often crave the grounding element that comes with being in nature. An Earth Angel taking a passionate interest in protecting nature, recycling, and protecting the planet should be of no surprise!

Strangers Tell You Weird Sh*t

Do strangers constantly confide in you? Does your Uber driver talk to you non-stop, even if you are wearing headphones? Well of course they do, you are after all a very trust worthy angelic creature!

I know it sounds strange, but Earth Angel’s are often bombarded by confession stories by complete strangers. They wear their light on their sleeve. Therefore, people naturally gravitate towards them. Their welcoming and non-judgemental ways make them the perfect confident, even if they did not ask.

Unfortunately, this approachable quality tends to also attract toxic or addictive souls. Those who need “healing” are naturally drawn to Earth Angels because they’re drawn to their light. You likely find yourself surrounded by loved ones who have addictive or self-sabotage type tendencies.

You Look or Act “Angelic”

If you are an Earth Angel, it is quite likely that people constantly tell you that you are “angelic.” Earth Angels have a graceful way about them, and tend to be wise beyond their years. Some even have angelic-like features. Some say Earth Angels have a heart shaped face and tend to have bright expressive (inviting) eyes. It is also likely that some of their favorite songs or childhood stories are about angels! After all, they are naturally attracted and amused by their own kind.

Mind you, although they are “angelic” Earth Angels are certainly not perfect. They make mistakes and go through challenging circumstances just like everyone else. The point of lowering their angelic vibrations is to live and experience life as any human during this lifetime.

So, what do you think? Do you know any Earth Angels? Are you one?

Spread the light, it is needed now more than ever.

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