Ways to Battle Depression During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Being told to stay at home has many challenges. There’s difficulty with having enough groceries, Zoom connection complications, stir-crazed children running a muck, as well as trouble balancing your own mental sanity. During stay at home, depression can be a battle. Even if you have never experienced depression personally, the isolation can bring on feelings of loneliness and grief for just about anyone. However, for those who do struggle with depression, being told to isolate away from society can be an emotionally debilitating downward spiral. If this sounds like you or someone you love, here are some ways to fight away depression during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Stay Socially Active

Yes, we are being told to stay home, but that does not mean TRUE isolation. Make sure you take the time to have a conversation with at least one person daily. Not a text, but a real conversation. Whether it is Skype, Zoom, or the good ole telephone, make it a priority to “socialize” with someone you know and trust.

The scariest side of depression is the ability of those who sufferer to mask their pain. It is truly remarkable, how easily some are able to trick you into believing nothing is wrong. Think about it, how many times have you been shocked to learn that someone you know struggles with clinically diagnosed depression? Many clinically diagnosed patients you would never suspect. They simply have the dangerous ability to truly hide away their pain and sadness. They mask every ounce of that depression while out and about, only to crash when confined within their home.

Being social or even checked up on daily, is something you can do to keep your emotional morale lifted. Make it a priority and remember no texting! If you personally feel good, put in the effort for others. You never know what difference it might make for a loved one who might be masking their struggles.

F*ck Reality TV

While it might seem funny or even silly, I am deadly serious about this one. There is nothing worse than watching even a few minutes of these low-level vibrations known as reality “tv stars.” When I say low-level vibrations I am talking about vibrational Universal energies. Things like negativity, gossiping, bullying, and superficial vain behaviors are all toxic and therefore are low-level Universal vibrations. Watching these behaviors are toxic for your emotional well-being. During this unstable time, I HIGHLY recommend STAYING AWAY from all of it!

I can honestly say I make this recommendation on the reg. Many of my patients simply laugh it off, stating that they are funny and easy to watch. But seriously…are they truly funny? Obviously, I do not watch them but, I have seen clips. It is incredible to me that we as a society give these people any attention what-so-ever; never mind “fame and fortune.” They are all petty, vain (but underneath it all very insecure), and frankly they are all really mean people. The toxic gossiping, insulting, backstabbing, and arguing will do nothing good for your psyche. These toxic low-level vibrations bring down your energetic aura and can leave one feeling angry, lazy, or even full of sadness.

Not to mention, the whole “look at everything I have that you don’t have” will do nothing for YOUR quarantined reality. Why gawk at everything the 1% of the population has hoarded over? It is nothing but gluttonous behavior at it’s worst. Instead, keep up with positivity and those who practice kindness. These behaviors will keep your Universal energetic levels lifted and shining bright for all to see. Leave the low-level energies to fight and quarrel amongst their idiotic selves.

Move Around

Yes, I know exercising can be very challenging during this time, especially if you live in the city! However, exercise and movement are extremely effective for raising endorphins levels; otherwise known as the “happy hormone.” I know gyms, yoga studios, and Zumba classes are all closed / cancelled but there are still many options to get some movement into your life! First of all, many studios now offer virtual classes as a quarantine solution! You could get creative and jog in place, do some push-ups, do jumping jacks, or even arm dips from your living room coffee table. Why not? There are still so many options available to you in 2020. So, take advantage of the resources that we have and move around!

Watch Your Diet

Yes, this means no binging on all of the “snacks” you pick up that are supposed to last you until next week. Overloading yourself with sugary foods causes dampness within the body. Dampness is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory that can sometimes lead to low or lethargic moods. Dampness can be caused by a number of factors, but the foods we eat are in large part the main contributing factor. Yes, unfortunately, this does include all of those extra alcoholic beverages as well. Just remember, everything in moderation. So watch your sugar intake to steer clear of the dampness.

In addition, a nice way you can lift your mood through food, is to add some citrus into your day. Yes, I know sounds crazy weird but it’s true. The smell of citrus is naturally uplifting and can be used to brighten your mood. Give it a try, can’t hurt right?!

It’s OK To Not Be OK

In all seriousness, this is an incredibly grim time for millions. The population is overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, and endless fears to go around. It truly is ok to not feel ok. I always recommend being true to your emotions. Faking how you feel helps no one, including yourself. If you need to cry, vent, scream, or hit a pillow allow yourself the time to do so. Once you have let it all out, check in with yourself. If you feel isolated and alone reach out to family, friends, neighbors or even hot lines. It is important to voice our emotions. Allowing complicated emotions to sit within the body will only weight you’re energies down. So, however feels most natural for you, let them out and be kind to yourself. We will get through this, together.

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