WANDRD Backpack You are a Blogger’s Dream!

An Instagram Purchase Success

My Husband and I fell victim to a social media purchase, and it actually worked out! I have always been a girl who loves to tote a big bag. Yes, I am 4’11” but when it comes to bags, I definitley have little dog syndrome. What can I say, I like to carry a lot of sh*t!

My Husband has been after me to switch to a backpack for months. My Daughter has quickly become an active toddler, and I am constantly on the go. Keeping my back, shoulders, and neck healthy, all while still carrying everything I might need is a priority. Not to mention being able to have two hands available at all times has been a game changer. Here’s why the WANDRD Prvke Backpack has been a shocking social media purchase success!

To begin, I don’t generally get sucked into the dark hole of Instagram advertisements. But, WANDRD with your edgy and gorgeous pictures, your trendy blog, and cool as f*ck looking backpack, you had me at hello!

Wandrd’s story is as impressive as their product line and company mission. Three brothers frustrated by the lack of quality bags designed to meet the needs of travel obsessed photographers and adventurers alike, they decided to create their own. Successfully launching the PRVKE backpack on kickstarter in 2016, WANDRD is now a tight-knit team of 11 people and delivered bags in over 100 countries. Their product line has expanded to include three backpacks, two duffels and a host of mission specific accessories sure to please even the most discerning.

Initial Feedback

When I bought the bag my intention was to use it for work during the week, and possibly use as a diaper bag during the weekend. First off, it’s crazy cool looking! But with all the compartments, it can seem a bit intimidating. I didn’t use it right away, because I frankly didn’t know where to begin. Then I started to unzip and investigate all of the details. The organization and amount of storage space is extremely convenient.

Durability and fit and finish are both first rate, this bag is a tank! The pack’s exterior is Tarpulin, translation, gorgeous, heavy duty, and water resistant. The zippers are all heavy duty and all the major touch points scream quality. The PRVKE comes in two sizes (21L & 31L) and three colors (Black, Wasatch Green, Aegean Blue) . I obviously choose the smaller 21L in Aegean Blue, the 31L really is more of a travel bag or for those requiring substantially more space for daily carry.

The Camera Cube Compartment is a Hug for Your Camera (+ Gear)

The base, aka the Camera Cube, of the bag is made up of a removable compartment that safely can store your camera and gear. I love that the Cube even has adjustable dividers! I know that my camera won’t ever be getting tossed around or bumped into anything in my bag. Personally, I am not one that will carry a big and hideously ugly camera bag. Yes, I know they protect your expensive gear but, I just won’t do it. They are just too bulky and ugly as f*ck!

As a blogger and mom who is constantly taking pictures, this bag made carrying my camera (and all it’s gear) no big deal. Also, I love that the camera cube easily slips out of the bag as well. So, if you wanted to pack it in luggage or if you wanted to put something else into the PRVKE bag you totally can. It’s extremely versatile. Not just for those packing a camera!

Don’t be Fooled, It’s Bigger Than It Looks

The side zipped compartments provide easy access to my wallet, and anything I reach for frequently throughout the day. Might seem like an obvious statement but being able to access some items quickly is a must when it comes to backpacks!

I liked the top pocket and felt it to be a great size for storing items. However, I found the buckle that cinches down the roll top to be flat out annoying. If I needed to get to anything in the top part of the bag it was a fiasco to open and close up. However, it is roomy, and the advantage of having a roll top is it can expand its capacity by 25%! So, if the entire bottom half of the bag is being used, the “roll down” approach made the top half of the bag larger than you think. I was able to get diapers, wipes, a sippy cup, snacks, a couple little toys, AND my wallet easily into the top half of the bag during a weekend day trip into NYC.

Laptop Compartment Fail

Like everything, nothing is perfect. The main (and really only) issue with the WANDRD bag is when a laptop is being stored in the back compartment, it is not a bag you can wear for an extended period of time. I noticed while the laptop compartment is perfect and highly organized, during a long distance walk it was constantly pulling at my shoulders. I ended up having to take it off because of the tension it was causing in my shoulders and neck. Up until that point, I hadn’t noticed any discomfort while wearing the bag on my back. It was strange because the fit appears to be just fine but, it’s worth noting that the comfort just isn’t there for a distance walk with a laptop in tow.

PRVKE You Got My “Like”

Im certainly not as product savvy as so many of the carry specific bloggers and reviewers out there, but I know a great product when I see one. Wandrd hit a home run with the PRVKE!

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