The Kardashians: Why is This What We Aspire to Be?

The American Dream?

OK, so the recent photos of Khloe reveal a whole new face and Kylie Jenner is apparently not a billionaire. In the midst of the sh*tstorm known as 2020, this is the stuff that still shows up as headlines? It makes me sad, that years later people are still “entertained” by this family, because frankly they are petty terrible. Yes, I said it…terrible. Their “hit” show is toxic noise filling our society with greed, envy, vanity, and stupidity. Unfortunately, their show has changed society in many ways. No, I do not believe the changes are good. No, I do not believe they are symbolic of “girl power.” Lastly, no I don’t believe they have good “work ethic.”

So, why is our culture so obsessed? They really don’t add any value to society. All they do is constantly change their physical appearance, alienate their own partners and family members (let’s not forget Robert Jr.), as well as preach constant idiocracy as “entertainment.” All of which, is to stockpile their own bank accounts, and fill their closets with meaningless crap. That said, why is this family the “American dream?”

“Confidence” Persona

The Kardashian Jenner family is only a persona. So, let’s break this family down. Starting with the fake confidence. These women are supposedly filled with complete and utter confidence. Yet, they all get plastic surgery on the regular. They are constantly surrounded by skilled make up artists, and are obsessed with dieting. Need I remind you of that “Revenge Body” crap? What does that even mean? Are they implying that all relationships are based on physical appearance only? Regardless the incessant dieting, vanity obsessed, and the masking of true features doesn’t seem like real self-confidence. I am just not sold.

To be clear, I am not shaming anyone who wants to have a cosmetic surgical procedure. If that’s what you are about, do it, and own it. It’s your prerogative! However, this fake confidence persona is the foundation of the Kardashian Jenner image. It’s a lie, like so much more of what this family constantly projects in order to profit.

Root Chakra Sh*t

All of these obsessions and insecurities come down to some Root Chakra imbalances. The need to constantly “better” your appearance is a deeply rooted insecurity. The vanity obsession is a clear part of their celebrity persona. The constant makeovers and surgical procedures makes me wonder how far they will really go to achieve the “perfect” look. What adds additional madness, is the fact that Kanye West’s own Mother passed away during a completely unnecessary cosmetic surgical procedure. The “benefits” clearly outweigh the risks to them, as the unnecessary procedures continue.

OK, back to Khloe’s new look…WTF?!?! This poor woman obviously doesn’t believe in the power of the beauty she was born with. Unfortunately, being deemed the “unpretty one” for years did a number on her self-esteem. Rightfully so. It’s awful, because it is a true issue amongst many young girls and women across the country. Seeing it play out this way on television sends the wrong message to too many. Yet, her shameless Mother has always found a way to capitalize on her own Daughter’s vulnerabilities. Yes, I am talking about that silly “Revenge Body” show, and any time she named a new diet pill, or dieting strategy on social media (all for profit of course). Shame on this Mother, shame on this family, and shame on Khloe for believing any of this garbage is actually necessary to be happy.

But I digress, Root Chakra imbalances typically come from childhood wounds. Bestowed values, beliefs, or traumatic experiences during the adolescent phase can alter the Root (1st) and Sacral (2nd) Chakra health. The Root being all about our safety and survival mechanisms; who we are at our soul level and how we emotionally feel about our existence during this lifetime. When this Chakra is off it can manifest as either sloppy / disheveled appearance or in this case the complete opposite; obsession with vanity. Based on the fact that their own Mother uses her children to make millions, I think we can assume what kind of values were bestowed at a very young age.

Lacking Substance

Obviously, I don’t watch their show. However, I will admit I have seen clips. Maybe it’s me, but they’re conversations really lack substance. The only thing I ever hear out of their mouths is about vanity, themselves, or all of the men that they screw over. How is this entertainment? Most of the time it seems they just sit around and look at their phones, or at themselves in the mirror. Am I missing something? Is this really entertaining?

However, since a large part of the population is drawn to them, I am always curious about the fascination. Whenever I ask a patient why they are entertained by KUWTK they generally say “oh they are funny.” Hmm…but are they really funny? Gossiping about their own family members, talking about how gorgeous they are, or how much money they have doesn’t seem that funny. This is of course all while they stare at their phones, and uncomfortably play with their hair. If they told a joke, I must have missed it while my brain was starting to melt.

Fraudulent Kylie

Seemingly the newly crowned queen of this family is Kylie. I guess people finally figured out Kim is actually boring? Whereas Kylie has made millions (not billions) off of the product she has used for years to mask her very own insecurities. How f*cking ironic is that!?!? This chick created lip kits to profit off of, while walking around denying she had lip fillers for a year. Again, it’s all good if you want to get lip fillers! However, she was clearly caught in a big lie and then simply shrugged off her dishonesty to her consumers. Now, we all officially know Kylie should have never been on the cover of Forbes. Nor should she have ever been named a “self-made” billionaire. The evidence is out, this family and the Kylie brand are all a facade.

In case you missed it, this past week it came out that Kylie Cosmetics is not actually worth billions. Keeping it short, essentially Kylie Cosmetics was acquired by public cosmetic company, Coty. Private companies like Kylie Cosmetics do not need to disclose their financials, but public companies like Coty need to disclose all financials. Coty purchased 51% of Kylie Cosmetics for $600 million; valuing the company at $1.2 billion.

Recently, as required to do so, Coty disclosed the financials. It quickly became clear that the Jenners have been drastically fudging numbers since their 2016 launch. Kylie Cosmetics numbers over the last 12 months showed $177 million in revenues, with a reported sales decline of 62% from 2016-2018. I won’t dive into all the financial specifics but encourage you to check out the Forbes piece on this crap…it’s compelling how much manipulation the Jenner’s put into trying to portray a billion dollar company. Wall Street analysts have stated that Coty paid waaaay too much for the company. Just to give you a taste of how much, since the company’s 2020 high their stock has plunged 68%. Yikes!

Fall From Forbes

It should also be noted that the Kardashian Jenners have been inviting Forbes to their CPA offices for years. Yes, this family has been begging for Forbes list exposure for YEARS. Why would they not? After all, money, greed, and exposure is all that matters to these people. It’s simply an image they are projecting…just like Donald Trump’s and other influencers. So, it really should be no surprise, that their accounting and corporate financials are also a facade.

Like, you are reading about your web of lies girlfriend.

Sure, Kylie and her family have shrugged this off as “what’s the big deal, or there are other things to worry about.” What they are not understanding (not surprising) is that the facade is up. Like so many influencers before Kylie, her persona of success and wealth has now been exposed as fraudulent. Think of all of the other influencers that have had this bigger than life and crazy successful persona that eventually was exposed as untrue. Kylie now finds herself falling into this camp. When all you have is a persona to stand on, you better make sure that foundation is bulletproof. After all, once it has been cracked, it is very challenging to repair the glass mirror before it completely shatters.

Shameless Profiting

Honestly, all this sh*t really just skims the surface. After all, how long have these clowns been “entertaining” America? They have been around for too many years, and they whore themselves into every single industry. Everywhere I look I see one of their personas staring me in the face, even when I clearly am not looking for them. I mean come on, I didn’t even get into the huge story of Caitlyn Jenner being forced to live a silent lie while married to that nightmare Kris Jenner. Nor did I even mention their brother Robert, and how he was seemingly kicked off the show for gaining weight. There is simply too much toxicity to touch on when it comes to this family facade.

There are too many people being manipulated by the Kardashian Jenner lies. Why are they what so many aspire to be? We should not be giving liars, greedy, vain, and self absorbed people a platform to spread toxicity. Not to mention, we should no longer allow these manipulators to make money off of their self made personas. When you strip them down, the values and quality characteristics are just not there.

Why should we allow them to continue to profit off of us based on lies that they tell? What values are we teaching to the future generations? Personally, having my daughter believe that makeup, clothing, and dieting is the key to “success” and happiness breaks my heart. I would never have the stomach to make money off of my own child’s sex tape or insecurities. Just that fact alone should be enough to disturb many. Not only did Kris Jenner do this with a smile on her face, she has continued to capitalize on these kind of stories for over a decade. Her daughter’s heartbreaks, depression, anxiety, weight issues and all other self-esteem issues don’t need love from their mother. Nope, they need pictures, drama, and paparazzi so that Kris can get her 10%.

The Jester, The Joke, The Fool

When it comes down to it, the Kardashian Jenners are the modern day Jesters. The Jester was the entertainer during the Middle Ages. The Joker is symbolic to the Jester as the jokester, the idiot, the fool, and the joke. So, why don’t we all do ourselves a favor, let them continue to paint their faces with their clown make-up, dress up in their expensive costumes, act like fools, BUT we ignore their terrible “jokes”. The joke will no longer be on us, the joke will finally be on them…and their bank accounts.