The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Moon Water

True story, I live my emotional and spiritual well-being by the Lunar Cycle; the waxing and the waning of the Moon.  I energetically and emotionally can always feel what phase we are in.  The Moon’s energy is spiritually connected to your emotions. Being attentive to the Lunar Cycle, may help ease moodiness, depression, anger and anxiety.  Nope, I am not kidding!

You may have heard of Full Moon Ceremonies and/or rituals.  Yes, it is true, Moon Goddesses such as myself, always make time to honor the full Moon’s energy each month.  There are so many rituals you can do in order to honor her full beauty.  Today I am going to start, by teaching you how to properly make Full Moon water.  

To begin, I understand that setting out Moon water may seem silly.  However, it is truly a ritual that will help you to take in the potent, and mystical energy the Moon provides.  Drinking Moon water may help you to connect to your subconscious thought; the deep and dark side of yourself that you hide away. The Moon’s energy is intuitive and psychic.  She can help you confront and understand emotions you have buried deep down inside.  She can then help you to release the burden of these emotions. All so that you may feel lighter, more feminine, and dance your way through life. 

What You Will Need

  • Filtered H2O
  • A Glass Bowl or Large Vase (A Large Mason Jar works too!)

How to Make Moon Water

Under the full Moon, take some time to put the filtered water into either a glass bowl or large vase.  Then, place the bowl where it will be able to sit under the moonlight overnight.  You do not have to cover the water (unless you are afraid of bugs outside, which is why I sometimes recommend the large mason glass jars that have lids).  The whole point is for the water to have the chance to obtain the most moonlight as possible.  The water does not have to be outside either, your windowsill will do the job.  

After it is set up, take a moment to set an intention for what you wish the Moon’s mystical energy to charge the water with.  Perhaps you are wanting to gain clarity for something, or motivation for a specific project?  Whatever it may be, simply ask the Moon to charge the water with whatever it is you need, in order to fulfill your objection.  Lastly, some people also set out crystals, candles, sage, or flowers around the moon water; creating a sacred alter.  However you decide to worship the full Moon, just make sure you take time to honor your connection to the Universe.  In the morning drink the water; it will be charged and ready to help you manifest your desires.  Bottoms up!

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