The Empath-In-Chief

The Video, The Hug

During the final weeks leading up to the election, like many, I was blown away by the viral video of Biden hugging the son of a Parkland shooting victim. The emotions are so raw and so real. It honestly brought me to tears. I could feel the young man’s pain, grief, and heartbreak. Despite the pain, I realized it is also lifting to watch. Lifting because of the space Biden holds in order to provide comfort to a complete stranger. He does not break, and does not blink. It hit me, Joe Biden is an Empath!

As a fellow empath, let me say, holding space the way Biden did for that young man is extremely challenging. Being able to stand tall, and empathize in a swift moment the way he did, isn’t something that just anyone can do. Yes, we all know the stories of Joe Biden’s own personal tragedies. The way he has carried himself one tragedy after another is admirable. I am sure many would argue he gets his empathy from his own experiences and nothing more. Which of course, makes him relateable and allows him to understand the depths of the emotions on a profound level. However, holding space for someone to safely feel and express their emotions in a healing manner, is something only an Empath can do.

How An Empath Heals Others

The “classical” idea of an Empath is one who can feel the emotions of another. Empaths can be but, are not always healers. Empaths can be intuitive souls, or can also have no idea that they are walking around feeling the emotions of another. What isn’t always known, is that many Empaths also go through dark tragic experiences throughout their lifetimes. Many struggle depression and anxiety. I have found that often Empath’s learn from their own experiences, and use them to provide healing comfort to others in need.

When an Empath experiences tragedy or experiences a time of darkness, they take in all of the emotions that may come to them. They truly FEEL the weight of everything that the experience brings. Over time, they will learn how to make themselves feel better; how to heal. By personally experiencing the pain themselves, they are able to empathically place themselves in the shoes of another human being who is in need.

In the video, Biden was rushed by a young man who was struck and overwhelmed with grief. The Vice President of the United States did not budge, he did not loose words, he KNEW and he FELT exactly what this young man needed. The victim’s Son needed a hug from a man who could empathically relate to his pain, and offer words of comfort, without any hesitation. In that moment, Joe Biden was not the Vice President of the United States, he was an Empath helping to heal another.