Managing Dark Moon Psychic Energy During COVID-19

I talk about the moon phases often and use them regularly during fertility treatments at my acupuncture practice. Personally, I also chart the moon phases during my own day-to-day life in order to manage my emotions. The Moon is powerful and each phase has its own specific energy, intention, and beauty. Specifically, the Dark Moon phase generally lasts 1-4 days during the Lunar Cycle. It takes place during the last days of the Waning Crescent Moon and spreads into the darkness of the New Moon.

The Dark Moon is symbolic of death and also rebirth. During the final phase of the Lunar Cycle we are encouraged to let go, allow unneeded energies to die off, so that we may be reborn with the New Moon. We are encouraged to go inward during this time. The phase is Yin in nature, full of darkness and stillness. Although the Waning phase is the dying off of the Lunar Cycle, the Dark Moon provides a healing space of letting go. By going inward, we are creating a womb-like state for ourselves to heal. During this time of stillness the Dark Moon sheds light on parts of the psyche that need healing. It is up to us to meditate, surrender, and release what no longer serves us. Once we have shed the layer we no longer need, we may then emerge from the womb-like state. This metamorphosis occurs under the Dark Moon and into the New Moon, so that we may be reborn during each and every Lunar Cycle.

Lilith, The Dark Moon Goddess

I have always been drawn to the energy of Dark Moon. The energy is mysterious, and sensual, with unwavering strength. Her energy can be likened to the Goddess Lilith. During the Dark Moon phase, you may feel as if you are dancing with the darkness, all with a new found strength you never knew you possessed. After all, Lilith was the only woman to tell Adam to f*ck off. She was Adam’s first wife and she refused to have sex with him. She saw herself as his equal standing beside him, not lying beneath him. Course, Eve was then created for Adam and that was the quick end of his dissatisfaction.

What’s most fascinating is that despite punishment, and being labeled the demon Goddess, Lilith was never submissive to any man. Instead, Lilith channeled her sensual sexuality to control Man. Men were hopelessly drawn to her energy, but make no mistake, they feared her darkness as well. Making her the ideal Dark Moon Goddess.

Tarot + The Moon

The Moon’s energy within the Tarot deck is representative of the unknown. Whenever the Moon card reveals itself, it typically is symbolic of fears, unknown, darkness, and the subconscious. It can be best described as the moonlight shining its way through a dark scary forest during the depths of winter. The moonlight only shines her light on what she wants you to see. You hear droplets of water dripping from the trees onto the snow, and primal animal sounds in the distance. You are cold and alone, yet you feel as though there are hundreds of eyes staring into the back of your neck. Pretty creepy right? Yet, doesn’t it just speak to the deep, dark, depths of your soul!?!? Yep, that’s the f*cked up nature of The Moon card.

The Dark Moon + COVID-19

Living during the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is safe to say that everyone is experiencing endless unknowns. It’s frightening time and we are surrounded by unrelenting and boundless darkness. Just to add to that, we are now entering into May’s Dark Moon phase. The current Universal circumstances will inevitably make this particular Waning Crescent, psychologically challenging. Surrendering or going inward might not be so easy this month.

It is important to understand during times of grief or trauma, our bodies naturally kick into fight-or-flight response. The human body is extremely intelligent and knows how to adapt to even the most traumatic circumstances. Being told to go inward, surrender, or to meditate may feel impossible right now. After all, once the body has coped by silencing fears and anxieties, the psyche naturally blocks them. That is until we are ready (if ever) to face them again.

The Dark Moon of May 2020

Therefore, this Dark Moon phase may be making you feel depressed, anxious, or even hopeless. Going inward means being alone with your own subconscious. Meaning where your darkest thoughts and deepest fears reside. With the Universe already supplying endless fears, it is only natural to want to escape from “reality.” No sane person would actually want to meditate with their own dark fears right now! Unfortunately, we all naturally bound to the Lunar Cycle. Even if you are not paying attention, trust me, it is the natural Universal urge to follow the Moon’s energy. Resisting the inward pull is simply unnatural.

On top of the anxieties and depression, this resistance is likely leaving an unsettled feeling throughout your entire body and mind. Perhaps you are restless, unfocused, or are experiencing insomnia? It all makes sense, and don’t worry you aren’t going insane. There is after all a battle going on between the Universe and your body’s coping mechanisms. The Moon is pulling you inward, but your body kicks into fight-or -flight, silencing all fears and anxieties. It is a pull that many of us may not be able to successfully battle. All because we have never lived through circumstances like COVID-19 before.

Tips + Tools for Your Psyche

Trust me, I too am still learning how to navigate my emotions through these unsettling times. COVID-19 has been an emotional mindf*ck and I also struggle with the day-to-day realities that we are all facing. Yes, healers can be hot messes too! However, I have found a few ways to work my emotions and my psyche through these challenges. So naturally, I wanted to offer up these easy (and straight forward) ways to cope through this Dark Moon.

Tune Out Critical Thoughts

First, don’t be so critical of yourself! If you tend to have self-esteem issues in your life it is likely that you can be “your own worst enemy” during the Dark Moon. After all, your subconscious is a dark space, and self-esteem is a deeply rooted dark imbalance. Surround yourself with positivity and block out as much toxic behavior as possible. Yes, this means social media and stupid shows like the f*cking Kardashians and anything on f*cking Bravo. Not only are all of these distractions toxic but, they do nothing but make people feel bad about themselves. Wishing for more and wanting to be someone other than themselves is not what you (or anyone) needs right now! I am sure Lilith would agree with me when I say f*ck all that noise and turn that sh*t off!


Yep, this hippie said it! Put your pen to a piece of paper (do NOT type) and just write write write. You don’t have to form sentences, it doesn’t need to look pretty, and it doesn’t even need to make sense. Allow your subconscious to regurgitate all of it’s f*cked up thoughts out of your body and onto the piece of paper. Once you are done writing, sit back and see how much lighter (and clearer) you feel. Do this daily during the Dark Moon to keep a clear head. It will help you to make sense of true rational thoughts verses emotional urges from your subconscious.

Rest + Rebirth

Again, the Dark Moon is symbolic of death and rebirth. The Lunar Cycle begins with the rebirthing of the New Moon, so naturally the Waning Crescent is the symbolic for dying off and letting go. Like aging, this phase can make you feel actually very tired or even achy. Be kind to yourself during this time. Gentle exercising, stretching, and going to bed early will help ease your emotions and your body during this time. Keep up with eating well, hydration, and remember this will pass.

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