Tarot Prediction: Lori Loughlin + College Admissions Scandal

Celebrities, Ego, + Elitist Behavior

I am not really one to get tide up with “celebrity” gossip. To me, it is toxic noise with no meaning. But, the college admissions scandal is something that fascinates me. I thought it might be interesting to do a Tarot prediction reading, for the outcome of the Lori Loughlin case. Plus, why not? Tarot is f*cking fun!

I remember the day Lori first showed up in Boston to face the charges. One, I couldn’t believe fans were actually waiting outside of the courthouse, for someone who was on television well over two decades ago. Two, this b*tch shows up smiling, acting like it is a photo opportunity, AND actually stops to sign autographs. Is her Ego really that out of control? The lack of empathy and obnoxious elitist demeanor is all too familiar pattern emerging in our society. Unfortunately, the toxic behavior is spreading.

The Cross: The Heart of the Matter

Let’s start the reading off with the cross at the center of the Tarot spread. The cross represents the “heart of the matter.” The first position, Nine of Swords, followed by the second position, the King of Swords. Nine of Swords indicates too many decisions. Chaos in ones life if you will; everything coming at you all at once, without a moment to think or breath. This is the energy of the Nine of Swords.

Appropriately laying over this energy is the King of Swords. Face cards (King, Queen, etc.) can indicate an energy or a person. Note, Tarot readers learn to trust their intuition when it comes to deciphering between the two. That said, I intuitively believe the King of Swords is a person. The King of Swords is analytical. He is knowledgeable, swift, and incredibly decisive. Considering the circumstances, I believe the King of Swords to be attorneys or the law firm representing her. She is finding herself in the midst of utter turmoil, life completely in disarray. It makes sense that the heart of the matter would include her legal team.

The Root Cause, the Present, + the Near Future

Moving along to the bottom card, position three, Ace of Staffs. Aces are seen as gifts of the reading, a new birth of an idea if you will. This position is the underlying factor of the situation. I believe this position to be linked to the subconscious thought; what is the true root cause? Ace of Staffs is a sign of inspiration, new fresh ideas, and birth. Perhaps her legal team has cooked up some crazy defense or feels true f*cking inspiration that lead to her not guilty plea? Skipping ahead to position five, dun dun dun…the Justice card. This position is the conscious level of thought, what is actually occurring. Umm yeah, she’s in court and she’s going to trial. Justice…moving on!

Jumping back to position four, the King of Cups. This is the past position, or where you are coming from. Remember, face cards CAN be people or an energy. In this case, I’m intuitively pulled to this position being an energy. Remember Lori’s initiually demeanor outside the Boston courthouse? She was so cool and collected, almost emotionally inappropriate. Stopping to take pictures and sign autographs. The King of Cups is the MASTER of all emotions. No situation ever gets the best of the King of Cups. I’d say she mastered her emotions that day. Moving to position six, The Hierophant, which indicates the near future. Where this trial is headed. The Hierophant is the teacher of the deck; full of wisdom and lessons. Perhaps this is an indicator of true reflection for what has transpired? Perhaps some lessons will be learned in the near future?

Lori + Her External Environment

Progressing forward with the reading. Position seven, Seven of Staffs, this is Lori Loughlin herself. It’s extremely appropriate. Seven of Staffs is all about the challenge. Challenging those who question your success, challenging those who call you out, and making sure you don’t fall from your pedestal. Despite the evidence, Lori has chosen the path of standing up for herself. She is challenging those who question her actions and is legally prepared to do so.

Position eight, Two of Pentacles is representative of Lori’s external environment. Two of Pentacles is a competitive and juggling energy. Usually indicative of a working parent who is just trying to balance out their lives. Perhaps there is way more beyond to the confident smile and strut Lori has put forth? I am sure there is some true juggling going on behind the scenes trying to patch up this sh*tty family situation.

Hopes + Fears

Position nine, Ten of Swords, is the position that represents hopes and fears of the reading. Ten of Swords always makes an impression. Seemingly stabbed in the back, this card represents poor outcomes or even betrayal. I am certain a 40-50 year sentence is a deep fear of the Louglin’s. I am sure they have all of their hopes invested in the legal team’s Ace of Staffs.

Potential Outcome

The final position, Nine of Cups. Ever have a feeling where you take a minute to step back from the chaos. You look around you. You think about everything you have and everything that you should be grateful for? That emotional feeling and connection you feel to your life, your loved ones, and everything you have accomplished? That’s the Nine of Cups. It will be interesting to see how to this whole saga transpires. The Nine of Cups may indicate another opportunity for the Loughlin’s to plead out, or to accept a lesser sentence. Nine of Cups offers a chance to sit back and to be grateful for everything they have. Perhaps the reflection will bring an opportunity to make things right.

I have hope that The Hierophant will step in to teach and bestow spiritual wisdom to those involved. Help show them the way past the King of Swords (legal team) swift Ace of Staffs (legal strategy). Teaching the way past the Ten of Swords, is to appreciate what they have and be grateful.

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