Tarot Forecast: Don’t Fear Your Competition; Enjoy Your Treasures

Nine of Pentacles

You have been working very hard, now is the time to enjoy all the benefits. It is time to let your feather out and let your beauty shine like the peacock! Dare I say you work has been too much of a priority these days? When we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives sometimes we forget to be in the moment. We forget to enjoy all the abundance that we already have and really appreciate all that we are working for. Now is the time to step back, rest, and enjoy all of your treasures. You deserve everything you have worked for, take some time to appreciate!

Five of Staffs

Competition is tricky! It is true that whenever we find success and rise to the top, the fall only becomes that much steeper. Be weary of those eyeing your success and wanting a free ride, or worse your seat at the table! However, this time maybe try a different approach? Instead of taking a battle stance and assuming the worst in people try to get them on your side. Have constructive discussions. Open your mind to the possibility that sometimes two heads are truly better than one. Teamwork could be in your favor this week, don’t close off and assume everyone is simply out to get you. You might miss some excellent opportunities.

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