Songs from My Acupuncture Playlist

Sound healing is powerful! In fact, the human body is made up of approximately 60% water. Therefore, every vibration of sound and music spreads throughout the body creating a healing effect. Ever experience a night of dancing where you were smiling the entire time or singing loudly to your favorite song in the car? That’s the healing effects of the music!

If you have ever had a healing session with me, then you know music is a huge part of my practice. I personally find music soothing, meditative, and captivating during the sessions. Music helps ease patients into their healing, relaxes the nervous system, and helps move any stagnate energy or stuck emotions. I am constantly asked “oh what song is that, and where do you get your music”? So, I thought I would simply share a basic healing day from my iTunes!

  1. Shamanic Dream by Anugama – Shamanic Dream
  2. Ceremony by AH*NEE*MAH – Native Spirit
  3. Ascentia by Dub Sutra – The Rise of the Downtempo
  4. Return Journey by David & Steve Gordon – Sacred Earth Drums
  5. Fa Sol La by Diet – The Lunar
  6. Carrizo Breeze by Robert Tree Cody & Will Clipman – Heart of the Wind
  7. Voices of the Wind by AH*NEE*MAH – Native Spirit
  8. The Bliss of the Heart by Vidura Barrios – The Supreme Heart of Shiva
  9. Eastern Slide by Dub Sutra – The Rise of the Downtempo
  10. Dreamcatcher by Shamanism Healing – Meditation Music
  11. Interval by Diet – The Lunar
  12. Cliff Palace by AH*NEE*MAH – Native Spirit
  13. Liberation’s Door by Snatam Kaur – Liberation’s Door
  14. Mystical Trance by Anugama – Shamanic Dream
  15. The Enchanted Valley by AH*NEE*MAH – Native Spirit

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