Sexual Confidence

Need a little sexual healing?  Have you been in a long term relationship or married for a while?  Has the bedroom become a little stale or predictable?  Yes, it is very common to let routine hit all aspects of our lives.  Yes, even the habits that once really excited us to our core and possibly even brought couples together in the first place!  Like everything our sexual relationships take time, effort, and energy.

We are sexual beings and our sexual activity is a huge part of our health and survival.  Yet like many aspects of our daily lives, we fall off the wagon when it comes to taking care of ourselves.  We can’t stick to diets or eating healthy, can’t consistently exercise or it becomes a huge amount of effort.  Sexual activity is just as important for our health and our relationships.  It’s how we connect on a profoundly deep level.  How we express our subconscious self.  How we open up our hearts and emotions and connect to another.  Yet, even sex tends to become complacent from time to time.

So how does something that was once a key motivator during our teens and early twenties loose importance?  It’s all about our energy!  The energy we put out for our partners.  A large part of sexual attraction is feeling sexy about ourselves.  Do you have energy that exudes sexual confidence?  Not just confidence in your appearance and all that superficial nonsense, but confidence in your sexual desires.  All without shame, shyness and embarrassment. 

Don’t worry!  There are ways to get that sexual confident energy back and you don’t even need to be in a relationship to do so.  It’s all about connecting to your desires and your subconscious.  There really is nothing more sexy than feeling comfortable in your own skin.  If you have confidence in who you are, and have no shame in your wants and needs, then your energy will exude just that.  We are all energetic beings and just like pheromones, sexual confidence can be felt when you are with another.  Instead of feeling judged or judgey about sex, instead try and think of it as a key component for our health and survival.  It’s more than procreation.  Sex releases a rush of endorphins and is also a form of exercise.  Sex also allows us to connect to the right brain; the emotional and creative.  Our society does not embraces emotions often.  So, the importance of sexual activity is that it helps us to open up and connect to our emotional vulnerable selves.  Therefore, it’s essential for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Think of how amazing you feel after connecting with another.  You feel calm, clear and grounded right?  Why should we ever not feel confident about chasing after that feeling?  So try connecting to that energy today, perhaps your sexual confident energy will attract more than you could ever anticipate.

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