Quarantined; Sex Morning, Noon + Night

A New Baby Boom Generation?

Anyone else feel like we are on the verge of the next baby boomer generation? All quarantined together, no where to go, and no where to be. Sounds like perfect variables for a new baby boom in nine months!

A common relationship complaint I hear it often at my acupuncture practice is not having enough time for sex. Well people, we’ve got a little bit of time on our hands right now. Why not take advantage of this forced time out for some sexual healing? After all, sex is a form of exercise and fills the body with endorphins (the happy hormone)! Sex might just be what your mood needs during this stressful time.

Ooh Baby, Let’s Get Down Tonight

I get it, most of us are filled with anxiety and worries for days. Sex may be the last thing you are thinking about. However, the fact is, we are all stuck here in this moment for a bit. Don’t be selfish, let’s think about what Marvin Gaye would have wanted! I believe he would have sang out “sex makes him feel so fine and helps relieve his mind.” So, why not give your body an orgasm and the boost of endorphins it desperately needs? Keep reading for a few “quarantine sex” suggestions. All so that you and your parter may loose yourselves in the midst of this worldly chaos, even if only a moment.

Staring Contest

Did you know that staring deeply into your partner’s eyes is actually stimulating? In Chinese Medicine we believe that our Spirit can be seen through the eyes. So while you are lovingly gazing into your loved ones eyes, you are actually connecting with their Spirit. How sexy is that? So today, try to connect your gazes for a period of time. No kissing and no touching! Try and hold off on physical connection until you feel that true sexually stimulating connection through your stare.

Stimulate Your Sense of Taste

Since we are stuck in the house why not try and get other senses into the sexual mix. Try feeding your partner some fresh fruit or sweet candy, perhaps even use a blind fold? By stimulating your sense of taste you are actually also stimulating other parts of your body. Yes, I am talking about the “sister body part” to the mouth, the vagina. If food play really isn’t your thing, maybe try and have a sex session somewhere in the kitchen! Why not? After all, it is the most used room of the home, and you’ve got nowhere to be!

Steamy Shower Together

Yes, we might not be leaving the house but, I sincerely hope people are still taking showers! Why not hop into the shower together? Get lost together under the soothing water droplets. You may even be able drown out all the circumstantial chaos and anxiety around you under the soothing shower head. Plus you conserving water, so win win!

Quarantine Challenge

Let’s throw a challenge into the mix, because….why the f*ck not?! After all, we have some time on our hands, and people are getting a little restless / bored. So, let’s all try and make the best of this. That said, the quarantine challenge is to have sex in every room of your house! Whether it be a quickie or slow and steady, it doesn’t matter. Have fun with it, get silly, lighten the mood and connect with each other. Happy romping and may the force be with you my friends!

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