Palo Santo Incense Sticks– Ecuador (Shamans Market)

Oh, Palo Santo how I love your warm, toasty and earthy scent.  You truly warm my soul and lift my Spirit!  I have always loved to use Palo Santo.  I use it in my home and at work.  Similar properties to burning Sage, Palo Santo can be clearing and healing.  However, what makes Palo Santo different and special from burning Sage is that it can take negative energy and turn it into positive lifting and inspiring energy!  Not everyone and every space needs to be “cleared.”  However, sometimes we get ourselves into ruts or we lack clarity, Palo Santo is way more appropriate during times like these.  

Since this is one of my latest obsessions, I want to speak specifically to the Palo Santo Ecuador Incense Sticks from Shamans Market.  First, not to be all girlie but it comes in a cute little bag!  Also, you get a bunch of Palo Santo “Holy Sticks” with every purchase, and all for $10 bucks!  The packaging makes it super easy and super convenient to purchase, to use, and also to take with you on the go.  The Ecuador sticks in particular smell AMAZING. The frankincense is pure and the purifying properties of the incense sticks are potent AF.  A little goes a long way and the sticks themselves do not burn down quickly, so one purchase will last you a while!  

If you have not checked out Shamans Market I highly recommend that you do.  They are a thriving business for healing shamanic tools and gifts, but they have still managed to stay small and carry quality goods!  

Not sure how to properly use Palo Santo or Sage? Check out my Sage 101 post and happy smudging!!!

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