New Moon Ritual: Healing Intentions for COVID-19

Worship the Lunar Cycle

The Moon’s energy has extraordinary power. She controls the tide and has a profound connection to our subconscious. I am happy to say, that many people today have Moon ritual practices. Rituals can be done in any shape or form. They can be done with specified intentions, or simply as a part of someone’s spiritual well-being practice. How you decide to worship the Moon and all her beauty is up to you! What’s most important, is to remain true to your spiritual self. Ask any healer or witch, there is no right or wrong way to worship the Lunar Cycle. Use any tools, Elements, or affirmations that you are guided to. Let the Moonlight guide you the rest of the way.

New Moon in Taurus

Today marks the New Moon of April, in Taurus. Taurus being such a grounded sign, I thought it would be a good chance to really root down. During this New Moon I will be sending out intentions of rebirth, grounding, and good health.

New Moon practices are all about setting intentions. The New Moon is the start of the Lunar cycle, representing life and new beginnings. Taurus the Bull, an Earth sign, is grounded, seeks protection, and is at times stubborn. COVID-19 is a virus taking over the Earth, persistently webbing it’s way through every cultural difference known, but is yet drastically unifying. I can think of no better time to send out intentions to heal and connect Mother Earth and all who habituate here.

The New Moon Acorn Ritual

The next Full Moon will take place in 15 days on May 7th. So, starting tomorrow I will plant a Moon energy charged acorn into Mother Earth until the May 7th Full Moon. Why acorns and why the ritual? For starters, acorns are seen as planting a new seed. In fact, natives recognized them to be symbolic of fertility. With tonights New Moon, I will charge these 14 acorns, honoring their fertile symbolism. Tonight, I will set out 14 acorns with the intention of them being charged in Moon Water, under the New Moon energy. My intention is to plant new healthy and fertile “seeds” as an offering to the Planet. A new beginning for the health of Mother Earth and all those who reside. To offer healing, grounding, and less suffering during this incredibly trying time.

What You Need:
14 Acorns
Water in a Bowl / Glass

The New Moon Ritual:
Place acorns out in front of you. Meditate for a moment so that you can ground yourself and clear your thoughts. You don’t want any other unclear thoughts or intentions coming into the ritual. Make sure you keep your intentions precise and in focus. Place your healing intentions into the acorns. You can hold them all or gently place your hands over them, but do your best to connect with their energy. Get into it! Everything that comes from Mother Earth has some sort of vibration. Try and see if you can hear how these acorns communicate.

Once the intention has been set, you can then put the acorns into the water or you can simply lay them outside, or on a windowsill. I like the water because of the nurturing symbolism, but it’s really up to you! Then, simply leave them out overnight and collect in the morning. Now, for the next 14 days, until May’s Full Moon take the time to plant one per day into the ground. Do a little meditation or prayer for Mother Earth each time. Plant the seed and let’s watch it grow!

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