Te-Fiti Green Juice

Full disclosure, I have made this super simple green juice for years. However, my Daughter is OBSESSED with Moana. No exaggeration, I’ve probably watched the movie 187 times. So I have decided to re-name my green juice after the Goddess Te-Fiti!

Those of you not familiar with the Disney movie, Te-Fiti is the Green Goddess in the movie that has the ability to create life. I am certainly not implying my green juice recipe creates life but it certainly does nourish Yin. Yin being the dark, cool, feminine side of the Tao (Yin and Yang). When our bodies get depleted we generally (being super general here, remembering we are all different) we start to lose Yin. Green juices are an excellent way to replenish our bodies and our Yin.

When juicing, I personally use the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. I’ve had it for over a decade and love it. It’s crazy easy to use, maintain, and keep clean. However, remember this juice is super simple so whatever juicer or blender you have totally works!

Te-Fiti Juice
6 Organic Green Apples (remove the cores but leave skin on)
4 Stalks of Organic Celery
2 Bags of Organic Spinach
2-3 Lemons (remove the peel)

Optional Add-Ins
Pineapple (even though it does nothing for you coochie!)

Remember to wash everything completely! Juice everything together and you should get about 6-8 servings. Bottoms up!

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