Manifesting Magic Under the New Moon

New Moon Magic

There is a New Moon upon us my loves! The New Moon is symbolic of new beginnings. It is a time to start fresh, begin a new chapter, and to plant new seeds. With everything that has been the year of 2020, perhaps we try to manifest a little bit of love under this magical Moon phase? We all need a little love, so why not?!

The powerful energy that comes from the emerging New Moon is symbolic of fertility. It’s blossoming, young, and full of hope. When you pay attention to the lunar cycle and start to understand the symbolism of the phases, you also begin to appreciate the magic that our Universe provides. The power of the Moon is vibrant and mystical. The Moon tells us where we are on the calendar month. She lights up our planet and keeps us in orbit. She also controls 70% of the Earth; otherwise known as the ocean, lakes, and rivers. How magical is that?

Moon Rituals + Manifesting

Moon rituals have been around for centuries and they are slowly starting to become a trendy “thing.” If you are unfamiliar, but wish to embrace your mystical side perhaps try this simple ritual and see if you can manifest a little bit of love into your life? Mind you, if there is something specific you are seeking, you can always make this ritual a bit more specific to your own desires. Remember, it’s not textbook…it’s magic! Stop thinking so much and have fun!

Bright White Light of Protection

To begin, whenever you practice magic or open yourself up to Universal energies, it is important to imagine a beautiful white light surrounding you. I recommend finding a quiet space. A space where you can feel safe and also create a spiritual alter for yourself (which I will detail shortly).

Once you have found this space, turn off all electronics, and let others in the house know that you are taking some quiet time for yourself (distractions disturb all magic). Perhaps you sit, lay down flat on your back, or you could even stand. Really, it’s all about how you are most comfortable. Quiet your mind, feel your body rooted into the Earth. Once you feel a calm or even a shift of the energy in the room, you may then start to imagine that bright white light surrounding you. Feel it subtly in your fingertips and your toes. Push it out to fill the room or keep it close to you. Feel the subtle differences and open your eyes. You are now protected and ready to proceed.

Creating An Alter

Alters are simply a spread that you can create whenever you want to practice magic or meditate. Some spiritual souls leave them out during the entire lunar cycle. Others lay them out specifically for their rituals and then put them away. It is again not textbook and it is about preference and what you are most comfortable with.

When creating an alter, it is important to recognize all of the elements (Earth, Fire, Air and Water) as well as the directions (North, South, East, and West). Of course, like most of these magical modalities, everything is connected. Each element has a direction. Each direction has an element. And of course, there is a power or specific intention tied to each direction / element combination.

Elements + Directions

North (Earth) – Connecting to Mother Earth / the Universe / Spirituality and Health (The most powerful direction as Earth is a part of the Universe)
South (Fire) – Love / Romance / Sensuality and Creativity
East (Air) – Finances / Career / Mind and Thought (left brain analytics)
West (Water) – Soul Searching / Self Love and Self Esteem / Cleansing and Forgiving / Truly Letting Go of your Past (profound depths of the ocean)

Since we are focusing on love, we will put most of our emphasis and intention towards Fire and the South direction. Again, if there is something specific you are desiring please feel free to adapt!

When creating your alter, choose items that are best representative of the element to you. Below are some suggestions, but you really can make it as personal as you would like. The more you connect to the elements and your alter, the more magical your ritual will be.

Elements (Suggestions For Your Alter)

Earth – Rocks, Plants, Crystals, or Flowers
Fire – Light a Candle – I personally always recommend using a candle because you can symbolically blow out the flame at the end of the ritual. (Fun fact: pink candles are symbolic of love and romance)
Air – Feathers or Wind Chimes
Water – A Glass of Water (you can even make Moon Water), a Dish of Sea Salt, Sea Shells

Lay out all of your items in their proper direction. See how all the items feel to you. Check in with all your senses, and again make sure your white light is still beaming bold and bright. Let’s manifest!

The Ritual

Manifesting is all about intention. Whenever you start a manifesting ritual check in with your thoughts. Are they clear? Are you honing in on specifics? Are your thoughts coming from your heart center? Get super specific and make sure your thoughts and intentions are very clear. When we send out mixed messages into the Universe, we get mixed messages right back at us. Make sure the Universe will be able to truly understand what it is you are wanting to manifest. Focus in on those intentions for a period of time until you feel you have set out clear and precise manifestations.

Face the South (since we are manifesting love) and either repeat out-loud or quietly to yourself this mantra:

I am worthy of love.
I am worthy of divine connection.
I love myself and I am worthy of loving another.
May the energy of this New Moon bless me with new beginnings.
May the energy of the New Moon bless me with a new love. With gracious understanding that new love can come in many different forms.
I ask that the Universe grace me with unconditional love and bless me with the profound love I have been seeking.
I am ready and I open my heart up to the magical powers of the Divine.

And so it is….

Pause during this time, take in a moment of silence. Take in all of the powerful energy around you. See if you notice any subtle shifts. Once you feel the manifestation has fully left your heart center you may then blow out the candle. Watch the smoke fill and leave the room. You have manifested my loves, wishing nothing but unconditional love for you all my dears!