Magick Water (Florida Water but Better)

Magick Water is ummm magic!  What is it?  It is a small batched, homemade Florida Water.  No, not water from the state of Florida. Florida Water is a unisex light smelling cologne that was created over 200 years ago. Besides its delightful scent Florida Water has been used by healers, hippies, and hipsters to clear, cleanse, and ground energy for decades. I personally love using Florida Water in my home and at my acupuncture practice.  Sometimes patients are sensitive to the use of smoke to clear energy; like white sage or palo santo.  Magick Water is an amazing alternative to have on hand.  It is spiritually cleansing, clearing, grounding, and smells deeeeelicious!  Being homemade every batch is different, has a crystal quartz, is charged by the moon (either new or full depending on the batch), is blessed, and Reiki Attuned. 

Made by Maria Molina of Flower Magick, with herbs, spices, flowers, and essential oils.  She allows the blend to sit in alcohol for 2-3 months to yield.  Being a psychic medium, Maria then allows her Magick Water to intuitively communicate once it’s ready to bottle.  Maria says “what makes this particular Florida Water so Magickal are the Reiki passes, blessings, crystals and loving intentions during the creating and packaging process.”

You can purchase Magick Water on the Flower Magick site.  They are sold in either 2oz or 4oz bottles.  I highly suggest not skimping on this product, you won’t be able to stop spritzing!

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