Journaling for 10 Minutes a Day May Boost Happiness

Journaling to Awaken the Spirit

Writing letters, hand-written memos, or simply putting pen to paper is a thing of the past. Texting, auto-correct, and auto-save is the thing of now. It is easy to text someone quickly without being thoughtful. It is ok to sloppily type someone a letter. Just blame auto-correct for any words that are misspoken. Yet, we all walk around with our heads down (literally) staring deeply into our smart devices with a glazed look in our eyes. We are all seemly dead inside. Technology has made is very easy to be lazy, impersonal, and unthoughtful. So why do so many healers recommend journaling as a form of healing or awakening the Spirit? Simple, it brings awareness, boosts creative thought, and studies even suggest it promotes happiness.

Every day before treating patients I put pen to paper and let words flow right through my hand. Most days, it is complete nonsense. Not kidding when I say I usually can’t even make out my own hand writing. Some days it is simply a stream of subconscious thought or messages from my Spirit Guides. It might be strange, but it is a daily ritual that keeps me centered, clear, and yes, it keeps me happy!

When we remove the convinces smart devices provide, the intelligence of our body kicks in. Do you remember how to write in cursive? Remember how challenging that sh*t was and how much concentration it took? How about the days of calligraphy or carefully writing out addresses on letters? It is true, we have become lazy and complacent.

Left Brain (Analytical), Right Brain (Creative)

The right and left hemispheres of our brains are no longer being engaged and they have become bored. Journaling actively lights a creative fire between the right and left hemispheres. By engaging the analytical (left) and the creative (right) you are exercising your brain muscles. Just think about how good you feel when your body creates endorphins after excising. That’s exactly what journaling provides for your brain!

Journaling is also an amazing emotional psychological outlet that is readily available. Oh yeah, and it’s free!!! Quickly jotting down all the things you wanted to say to your a$$hole boss, your inappropriate in-laws, or your stubborn teenager is an easy way to get those emotions out of your body. Allowing emotions to sit and stir in the body will only lead to imbalances or illness down the road. When you write them down, you are acknowledging them and allowing them to be emitted into the Universe; which is what emotions are supposed to do!

Clear Your Chakras and Your Mind

I journal daily to clear my head. Like most working mothers I constantly have a thousand things on my mind. As a healer, I can not be treating patients with racing thoughts. Journalling out all of my thoughts, judgements, and to-dos allows me to be present and clear with each and every patient.

It’s the easiest form of daily therapy one can get their hands on. You remove all judgements, arguments, and passive aggressive energy from your body. Leaving all of your Chakras light and clear. Plus, the right and left hemisphere get some much needed attention. Next time you have five to ten minutes sit down, put pen to paper and see what spills out of you. Even if it is a whole lot of words and no real substance, I bet you feel lighter, brighter and happier immediately after.

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