Jaw Pain and Unspoken Words

What Are You Not Saying?

Do you grind your teeth? Do you have lock jaw? Or perhaps you just feel a constant tension around your jaw? These are all super common pain complaints that I hear at my acupuncture practice. When it comes to TMJ signs and symptoms, my first inquiry is always what is it that you are you not saying?

Think about the actual physical movement (or lack thereof) when it comes to grinding your teeth or holding tension in your jaw. The clenching literally mimics the motion of holding back words, expressions, and emotions.

If this sounds like you, take a moment and think about it. Is there anything that you might be holding back, or anything you might not be speaking up about? We all are entitled to having our own opinions and beliefs. Yet, we live in a culture where many still feel pressured to hold back on expressing what is truly on their minds. Once opinions and emotions have been suppressed, I find the grinding and the jaw clenching begins.

Throat Chakra Love

Besides acupuncture, there are other tools that I always recommend when it comes to trying to get relief. In this situation, I always start by addressing the Chakra that is involved; the Throat Chakra. I love bringing crystals, sage, and essential oils to the treatment table for TMJ / jaw pain relief. Below are some crystals and essential oils that are excellent options for the Throat Chakra:

  • Crystals: Lapis Lazuli (my personal fav), Sodalite, Agate, Turquoise, or Blue Kyonite
  • Essential Oils: Frankincense (my personal fav), Sage, Peppermint, or Jasmine

During these acupuncture and Reiki healing sessions, I generally focus my intention on trying to unlock words and emotions that are being blocked. I apply a drop of Frankincense over the throat center (and sometimes around / behind the ears). I then take the Lapis Lazuli crystal and gently roll or rub the crystal all over the Throat Chakra area. If you get a little bit of redness on the skin that’s ok. It should be obvious but, a gentle touch over the throat is always best. You can even roll or rub the crystal all over the back of the neck as well.

Release Your Thoughts, Emotions, and Judgements

It is possible you will experience an emotional release, perhaps gain some mental clarity, or even tension relief from just the crystal and oils alone. At this point, I always recommend turning to a journal. Now that the Throat Chakra has been worked a bit, see what can come out of it! Put your pen to paper and just write whatever comes through your hand. Writing without thinking is an excellent exercise for your Throat Chakra. If you struggle with chronic jaw tension / pain journaling is something I recommend you do daily. Release your thoughts, emotions, judgements, or disappointments. Put them on the page, step back, and leave them there. You should walk away with a clearer mind and a looser jaw.

Journaling Happiness_House of Healer

When In Doubt…Just Smudge!

As always, whenever you want to clear negativity or heavy emotions you can sage! At the end of the exercise if you feel guided to do so, always sage to clear your energy completely. Unsure how to properly sage? Check out this step by step guide and happy smudging my loves!

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