I’ve Used True Botanicals for Five Months– and I’m Hooked

OK so we all know that I am OBSESSED with CeraVe. It is a miracle product when it comes to my rosacea prone sensitive skin, and it’s also very nice to my wallet! However, there are indeed chemicals and Parabens in most of their products. Sorry CeraVe, but it’s no secret to anyone that can read. Yes, I still use and LOVE the product, but I have been on the market for a cleaner product for a while. I purchased True Botanicals five months ago and have been using the recommended products daily. After all, who doesn’t want to have skin like Olivia Wilde? However, since it is a pricy product, I thought it might be nice to offer up some real consumer feedback!

Photo Credit: True Botanicals w/Olivia Wilde

About True Botanicals

OK to start, their website is pretty awesome. It’s beautiful and straight forward. Thank you said every busy woman ever! Before purchasing any of their expensive products, you take a simple quiz to determine which product best suits. The site also doesn’t overwhelm you with products to purchase. Heck yes! The quiz offers up one main product that will best suit your skincare needs, and then has a few added recommendations. To me, there is nothing worse than a company requesting you to do a questionnaire, only to recommend their ENTIRE product line in the end. Also, a little sneak peek, their recommended product actually ended up being my fav!

Pure Radiance Oil (Calm) $110

Ok, so the Calm Radiance Oil was the quiz’s recommended product for me. Big shocker! I love the moisture from a good face oil. I take very good care of my skin, but it’s super sensitive, and also tends to be dry. This. Product. Is. AMAZING! It is moisturizing without being oily. Unlike some other facial oils I have used it isn’t sticky, doesn’t smell funky, nor does take forever to soak into my skin. It’s light but moisturizing, and within minutes of moisturizing I can freely apply my makeup and move on with my busy day.

Like many who have sensitive skin, I do tend to have some anxiety when starting a new product. Sometimes sensitive skin takes a little bit of time to adjust to new products. That was not the case for the Radiance Oil. I am happy to report that I did not experience any irritation when starting this product. My skin loved it from the first drop and has only improved with it’s consistency.

Deep Repair Eye Serum $90

To begin, I have always struggled with dark circles under my eyes. Even when I was a rested child. Doctors would tell my mom it was allergies, but who really knows! As you can imagine, as a working mother, the dark circles have remained a complication.

The Deep Repair Eye Serum was actually the first True Botanicals product I had heard about. It has won awards and is highly rated amongst users. For good f*cking reason too, the sh*t works! I am a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, I have a high anxiety dog, and oh yeah for fun I blog. So, yup, it’s safe to say I am pretty tired most of the time! In reality, I should look like the crypt keeper. However, I am happy to report my dark circles have surprisingly lessened. I look rested most days, even when I am not. The skin under my eyes is never puffy, and it oddly looks brighter.

I am ecstatic with the level of repair this eye serum has done. It is similar in consistency to the Radiance Oil. As in, it soaks into the skin very quickly, it is moisturizing without leaving stickiness or excess oil on the skin. The fact that the oil is easily absorbed without having to rub your fingers into that delicate under eye skin is a huge bonus. A couple drops onto your finger, then a quick dab dab under the eyes is all it takes.

Like most eye serums I didn’t have high expectations. I must be honest, it was one of those products that kind of snuck up on me too. I wasn’t really paying attention until one particular day I was exhausted, but noticed I didn’t need too much concealer under my eyes. Much to my surprise the serum had been working it’s magic! This tried mama is hooked!!!!

Repair Serum (Renew) $140

I had read about the Repair Serum (Renew) and saw it had a very high rating amongst users. Since I am in my mid-thirties, I have been looking for a good age repair serum. Note, all anti-aging creams I have used in the past (including La Mer) have always irritated my skin. Knowing that all True Botanicals products out perform the highly rated (and overly price) La Mer product, I figured it was worth a shot!

Honestly, I didn’t love the serum. After about three months of use I noticed my skin wasn’t as soft or even toned. I can’t say the serum was irritating because it was not, it just didn’t feel as consistently soft or clear as I was used to.

Now, to be clear, it certainly did not irritate my skin like La Mer or other anti-aging / repair products. I did not find the serum damaging, so I am certainly not going to throw it away. However, it’s simply not a product I use consistently anymore.

I know the products are on the pricer side. I am not ignoring that elephant in the room. What I will say, is I have been using them consistently for almost half a year and I haven’t had to purchase any refills. A little goes a long way. The products are quality, they are potent, and they last. I honestly love the products and plan to try more, like the Antioxidant Booster and the Nutrient Mist. I am sure in the coming months, I will even give the Repair Serum another opportunity to win my affections. In the meantime, the Radiance Oil and the Eye Serum will continue to keep my light shining from inside and out!