Is Your Stuff Weighing You Down?

Reflecting While Packing Up My Life

I never realized how heavy all of my things were, until I had to pack them all up! First off, I would like to go on record here and say that moving is the f*cking worst! Hate it, loath it, dread it…all of the above. Regardless, I am in the midst of a move with my family. Needless to say, I have quickly realized that my things are weighing me down.

Let’s begin with purging. It is so liberating! It feels so satisfying and I am pretty sure that’s a huge aspect of Marie Kondo’s “does this item bring you joy?” success! If you feel more joy tossing your sh*t into the garbage or donate bin, then it’s time to part ways.

Emotional Shopping (Retail Therapy) is Only a Mask

Moving along to packing. It was the second day of packing when I realized how complicated life can get as a result of having possessions. I’ll admit it, I’m totally an emotional shopper. When I’m in a mood or needing a lift, I turn to shopping to make me feel better. Now, as I pack up my life, I have come across many of these emotional purchases. Yup, you guessed it– many of them were thrown away or donated. For in reality, the items brought joy for a only a moment.

Purchases like these are only distractions. They were things purchased in hopes of fixing my emotions at the time. Course, when they did not fix anything and the thrill of a new purchase had worn off, all I was left with was more sh*t. More stuff I didn’t need that would only weigh me and my life down.

George Clooney

For anyone that has ever moved before, it takes time to pack up your life. Some things need to be perfectly bubbled wrapped and obnoxiously labeled “Fragile”. Whereas other items are tossed into a box, without a care or bubble wrap. Why do we clutter our lives with this crap? It’s kind of like George Clooney’s “backpack” analogy in Up In the Air. Sure, it’s grim and definitely a message for someone that has a difficult time with relationships. However, if we think about putting all of our stuff into a backpack that bag is going to be f*cking heavy! Why do we want to risk breaking our backs over things? This girl sure won’t anymore!

What Are You Trying to Mask?

This move, I made myself a deal; if I had to think for even five seconds about an items value, it was donated or thrown away. Needless to say, we have far fewer boxes. Even despite the fact that we have an additional family member this time around. When it comes to the emotional shopping, going forward I plan to remind myself of the recent purge and pack. Before I jump into purchasing something I really don’t need, and likely serves no purpose, I will reflect on what I am trying to mask. As always, we have to take the time to reflect on ourselves. I encourage everyone to tune into what’s actually bothering you. For there’s always something more behind an emotional purchase. Do you need this item? Will it make you and your life heavy? What problem are you trying to mask? Think about it…

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