How to Walk Like a Goddess

Walk Like a Man

In 1963, Frankie Valli sang “Walk Like a Man” to toughen up his “Jersey Boy” image. Valli and the Four Seasons had previously sang hits that connected them to their sensitive side. The group and producers believed it was time to write a hit that would instead play towards their tough guy personalities. Yes, obviously there is very different strut between the sexes. However, I have to ask, what the f*ck is so great about walking like a man? If it were up to me, I would much rather dance like the Goddess Aphrodite.

The Goddess Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess associated with love, beauty, and sensuality. She was feared by many men (mortals and Gods) because of her ability to use her sensual femininity, to get what she desired. She was a master of manifesting without lifting a finger. Aphrodite certainly didn’t walk like any man, instead she sensually danced her way through life. Today, women have seemingly lost their connection to their inner Aphrodite. So, I ask, when did femininity and having a strong connection to your feminine-self become a bad thing?

From the beginning of the equal rights and equal pay, women wore many different hats. We have learned to adapt, in order to be taken seriously (and equally) within a professional setting. Let’s face it, we live in a masculine, analytical (left-brain) thinking society. Women are innately more sensual, creative (right brained), and sensitive beings. In order to be seen as equals, women have adapted to be more analytical, pensive, and rigid.

By adapting women have risen up and have slowly found success. Whether it is Amelia Earhart piloting a plane, Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to a white man, or Hillary Clinton winning the democratic nomination for POTUS in 2016, equality has truly come a long way. However, what has been the cost? What have we lost in order to be seen as “professionally acceptable”? We have lost our ability to sensually dance and manifest through our challenges.

The Inner Aphrodite Spark

I see it frequently at my acupuncture practice. An incredibly successful and beautiful woman who has lost her inner goddess spark. She has a strong presence, on paper she is the embodiment of success, and yet she feels uncomfortable in her own body. Her body is stiff, her eyes have an intense stare, she feels cold and dry. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we all have a Yang fire that comes deep from within. This fire resides near the base of our spine between our kidneys. It is our inner flame (spark) and our Yang energy. Located near the Kundalini energy (our sexual tantric energy) at the base of the spine, I believe this inner flame also to be related to a woman’s inner Aphrodite.

So why have we lost the spark? Why has the flame gone out and left amazingly brilliant women walking around stiff, cold, and connectionless to themselves? Simple, we have overly adapted to the masculine Western culture. Women have turned off their innate sensual and feminine instincts. No longer dancing to the beat of our own rhythm drum. Taking birth control pills to silence our bodies natural rhythm. Lastly, we no longer use our sensual and sensitive side too manifest what it is that we desire. After all, coming across as emotional or sensitive it just professionally “inappropriate.”

Healing the Epidemic (Relight the Spark)

So how do we light the goddess fire again? A large part of healing this epidemic is knowing that women are able to perform at high professional levels, just the way that they innately are. Yes, one of the most impressive aspects of being a woman is her ability to adapt. However, why should she have to? Do you think Aphrodite ever changed the way she acted or the way she addressed challenges for a man? F*ck no she didn’t! Knowing who she was and profoundly understanding how to obtain what she desired, is what made her goddess.

Personally, I believe the #metoo movement is the start of the goddess energy uprise. Women have found their voices again, and they are starting to progressively dance forward. During the age of the Goddesses they were feared, they were powerful and seen as equals. The #metoo movement has sparked similar fear throughout this masculine dominant society, and rightfully so.

Then, in November of 2018 more women were elected into the House of Representatives than ever before. Sniff, sniff– yup, I smell a goddess movement! Without getting too political, there have been a few unexpected turns over the past few years when it comes to women’s rights. Like most movements, it generally takes being pushed only too far before taking a stand and doing something productive. The inner goddess spark is starting to glow again. Women are taking back control and are now looking forward. Forward to new opportunity, growth, and power. I can’t wait to see how the next few years unfold, I am already dancing to my Aphrodite beat!

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