How to Stay Healthy This Fall (5 Quick Tips)

Eat Seasonal Foods

I preach this year round to my patients!  I honestly can’t say it enough, eating seasonal foods is one of the best things you can do to ease your way into every season.  It is also something that is super easy to do!  It’s quite simple, next time you go to the grocery store purchase what looks good and fresh.  Buying foods that are organic and local is obviously something that this f*cking hippie will also suggest.  Oh yeah, and of course I love a good framer’s market, hit them up too!  If you are constantly eating what Mother Earth is providing during each season, then your body will be able to shift through those months with ease.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I L-O-V-E apple cider vinegar (ACV)! I swear ACV is the method to my own personal healthcare madness.  Yes, I do tend to drink ACV as a preventative measure for my general well-being, but I also always drink ACV whenever I start to feel a little run down.  The moment I feel my immune system is being tested, I drink a tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water before bed.  You can also drink in the morning, I just prefer to drink before bed, so that I allow it to work through my system as I sleep.  This trick has saved me countless times.

Drinking ACV seasonally, as a preventive tool, is an amazing choice for fall.  To start with, it kills off germs and many forms of bacteria in the body.  Also, ACV is seasonal—win win!  Apples and in particular apple cider, are key contributors to the fall season, so you really can’t go wrong with adding this to your daily routine.  Put a tablespoon in a glass of water today and start sipping.  Don’t worry, I swear you will eventually get used to the potent taste (ok, that might be a little lie)!

Warming Foods

As an acupuncturist, I personally believe the reason why so many people have difficulty transitioning from summer to fall is due to the transition from Yang to Yin.  Yang being summer and heat.  Yin being the fall, the beginning of winter, and cool to cold weather.  It is a difficult shift that many are challenged by annually.  This year, try battling the cooler weather by adding warming foods to your diet.  By consuming warming foods you are easing the body into the colder months.  Eat soups, peppers, black pepper, cinnamon, organic meats, and sip on ginger teas during the season.  See if this quick change makes a difference to your transition.

Wear a Scarf

Another Chinese Medicine fun fact!  We believe the body is comprised of the Meridian System that runs up and down the body.  When the Meridian System is balanced, the patient is in good health.  Whenever imbalance occurs, illness happens.  At the nape of the neck is a very special acupuncture point called Du14.  Acupuncturists also study that illness travels with the wind.  So, when the nape of the neck (Du14) is exposed, and the patient’s Meridian System is not balanced, there is a chance that wind could enter this acupuncture point.  Think about it, last time you got sick, didn’t it start with an achy neck?  Yup, that’s what we call wind! Keeping a scarf around your neck is a trick all acupuncturists swear by.  Wear them during seasonal shifts, when it is windy and cold, even when it’s warm and breezy outside, and also on a plane.  Trust me, it totally works!

Hydrate, Exercise, Rest, Repeat

It’s really quite simple, water keeps our organs functioning at their optimal level.  We need hydration in order to survive, so when the well gets low, our bodies are not working at their best levels.  I know, I know, you forget to drink water though the day.  So, get a water bottle, this sh*t is important (sorry tough love on this one)!  Exercising is an excellent way to keep yourself healthy. Not only because of the obvious physical activity benefits, but also because of the opening and sweating of the pores.  Yes, the opening and sweating of pores helps to keep your immune system in tip top shape.  The sweat pushes out any wind that might be lingering around.  Lastly, rest rest rest.  When we sleep, our bodies repair themselves.  If we are not getting adequate amounts of sleep then the body has no chance to repair.  Make sleep a priority and I promise you will see a difference this season!

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