How to Embrace Your Sexual Energy

The Goddess Revolution

Anyone else still have feminine whiplash from the Super Bowl Halftime Show? Thank you Shakira and J Lo for making it hip shaking and abundantly clear that Goddess energy is on the rise. I am convinced more than ever that 2020 is the year of the Goddess revolution. Mother Earth is vibrating and the Goddesses are wide awake!

Change. Our planet, our culture, our children, need change…and quickly. I often say when we do not make the changes ourselves, the Universe steps in and swiftly takes action. This feminine uproar has been brewing over the last decade and the movement is finally starting to become “a thing.”

Why Goddesses? Simple, women are more nurturing by nature. Yes, some men are very nurturing and some women are not. However, I am talking about the feminine side that lives within all of us. Just like The Tao (Yin and Yang), we ALL have a masculine and feminine side. In this moment in time, the feminine is alert and has found her voice. She has watched the masculine wars, the masculine ego, and selfishness that has dominated the last century. After quietly observing, endured the pain, and the consequences of the masculine analytical unemotional choices. She is now awake and ready to shift the Universe.

It’s no coincidence that the #metoo movement quickly captured a loud voice. More women were elected into the House of Reps in 2018 than ever before. The Speaker of the House is a woman. A fierce young lady leads the climate change movement and was named Time Person of the Year. The Women’s US Soccer team is the bomb diggity! Or that Shakira and J Lo dominated the attention of the country on Super Bowl Sunday. Whew! Nope, I do not believe in coincidences. This is a message and a lesson from the Universe. Women are stepping up, demanding attention, are making no apologies, and are going to get sh*t done!

What Is Goddess Energy?

Don’t fret if Goddess energy is new to you. Just know when I speak of Goddesses I am talking about a lifestyle. Being a Goddess means you are connected to your higher self. You know who you are at your core, you make no apologies for yourself, and you love every ounce of your soul. Goddess energy is stable and is connected to all the Universal energies as well. Some might say magickal, some might say witchery, others refer to it as a connection to the Divine Feminine. All are correct. It’s just another reminder that women are magickal creatures, who can magically make another human being.

When I picture a Goddess, I picture a strong, intelligent, and observant woman. A woman who has the ability to profoundly connect with you through a sensual stare. A large part of connecting to your Goddess energy is understanding the power of your sexuality. Understanding that being sensual or expressing your sexual energy during your day-to-day life is not a bad (slutty or promiscuous) thing. It simply means you are aware of the Kundalini energy that resides within your powerful pelvic bowl. Kundalini energy is the sexual energy / sexual identity that resides at the base of the spine. It is extremely powerful, can help one to open up their connection to their intuition, and assist them in walking their lifetime with confidence and strength.

Kundalini Energy resides at the base of the spine, and coils up like a snake. When released the energy snakes it’s way up the spine to the crown of the head.

Kundalini + Feminine Sexuality

For centuries women have been told to hide their sexuality. To dress and act “appropriately” so that they do not convey the wrong message. Yet, we are all so surprised when a woman acts more in a masculine fashion? When she has trouble connecting to her womb so that she may conceive a child? Or when she is unable to connect to her sexuality and has lost all sense of her libido? All of these circumstances are real and happen far too often.

Women have been told to silence their Kundalini energy for far too long, simply because the masculine world couldn’t control themselves. Why should women have to adjust their spiritual sensual side in order to make the masculine ego comfortable? That’s right, they absolutely shouldn’t! The Goddess that lives deep within all of us has decided the silence has been endured for too long.

Sexual Energy + Healing Wounds

By embracing our sexual energy we are healing all of these judgmental societal standards. Connecting to your Kundalini energy may help you to heal deep dark wounds. Wounds you likely have even forgotten. Trauma, sadness, and all of the complicated memories tend to fall deep into the womb over time. It’s simply a coping mechanism the human body has learned to do. If there are experiences you were unable to emotionally cope with, eventually the body intuitively buries it deep down inside. Until you are ready to heal the wound, if ever.

Memories (good or bad) go on forever. Just because we were unable to emotionally work through them at the time of creation, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It is the masculine ego that “pushes through” tough times. Endures pain without actually emotionally releasing anything. While it might seem “easier” in the moment, “pushing through” only creates an emotional ticking time bomb. When we ignore these emotions, they create blockages throughout the body, that lead to illness and a spiritual disconnect to oneself.

By embracing your sexual energy you may start to stir up these stale and heavy emotions. Like most healing, it can be complicated and messy. However, if you are able to effectively work through old wounds you heighten your spiritual awareness. Opening yourself up to a true spiritual connection to yourself. Facing trauma and connecting to your sensual side unlocks that Goddess energy within.

How To Embrace Your Sexual Energy:

Unsure how to connect to your sexual energy? No problem! Below are some amazing ways to try and unlock your Goddess!

~ Dancing: The ego is shaken out of the way with every hip shake, dancing and hip shaking in general literally knocks on the Kundalini energy door!

~ Chart the Lunar Cycle: Yes, the Moon energy is feminine! So, naturally I recommend charting your mood (emotions) and even your menstrual cycle to see if you are connected with the Lunar energies.

~ Buy Flowers for YOURSELF! Fun fact, the flower is the reproductive organ of the plant. So of course I am going to tell you to surround yourself with that sensual reminder!

~ Pamper Your Body with Essential Oils: The Goddesses would cover their bodies and their beds with sensual and feminine essential oil scents whenever they beckoned Gods into bed with them. Rose, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang are personal favorites!

~ Wear Sexy Lingerie: There is no easier way to connect to your sexual energy than feeling sexy.

~ Walk Around Naked: Let’s go one step further, walking around naked is an amazing way to connect to your soul. Remove all layers (literally) so that you may embrace and love all your sexiness!

~ A Mindful Meditation of Your Pelvic Bowl: This one is a bit more involved since it is a meditation. Ground yourself, sit in a comfortable position, then start to scan every part of your pelvic bowl. Look for blockages; meaning where you start to feel stuck that’s a blockage. With your minds intention try and push it out of the way. This exercise can be exhausting and can even be emotional. Remember we are clearing old sh*t out of the bowl. Just remember healing can be complicated, so if you start to feel overwhelmed take a step back and go slow. We can not rush these things. Eventually you will be able to scan your entire pelvic bowl without an issues. It just takes time and practice.

Sexuality + Self Confidence

Lastly, it’s important to note that this is not about sexual activity. What this is truly about, is embracing your sexual identity. When we embrace our sensual sides we instantly soften, opening ourselves up to our innate intuitive abilities. We then have more coping mechanisms, understand the greater picture, and can offer compassion to those in need. We are able to offer so much more, because we have confidence in ourselves. No distractions or self destructive habits. Instead, you will experience the ultimate form of security; self confidence.

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