How Reiki is Beneficial During Cancer Treatment


Cancer– A scary word of course that none of us ever want to hear. We want to know that we are safe at all times. That our bodies are fighting FOR us, and that we would never ever be impacted by this awful disease. Unfortunately, cancer has hit close to home for many of us. Whether it be friends, loved ones dear to us, or even or own scares with this atrocious monster. Cancer can awaken our own demons. It can be the scariest feeling on earth, and a lonely journey despite the support of our tribe.

I’ve had my own scares (though small, they felt significant to me at the time). However, I always knew it was a part of my healing path to work with individuals affected by this disease. There are many threads that lead to this. Mainly my late aunt & Reiki Master Urmila Surti who battled breast cancer throughout the end of her life in India. The beauty is, despite her illness- she actually served as a Reiki healer in her village for several years.

Through self Reiki, prayer, meditation, and working ON others– she added what I believe to be more quality years onto her life. All despite a daunting and scary time. This is the trend I have seen with clients diagnosed with cancer who come in for Reiki. Their perspective shifts. They then begin truly living their life in an authentic way. Awakening their individual gifts as they begin to self heal.

How Can Reiki Help?

So, how can Reiki exactly help someone battling cancer? Especially when they may be undergoing severe stress, chemotherapy, lack of sleep, anxiety, pain and more? As a Reiki Master and Teacher, who has primarily works with cancer patients the last three years– this is what I have witnessed: 

Asha Surti of Reiki Traveler LLC

Trust Your Body Again

With Reiki during this time, clients begin to trust their bodies again. Initial thinking can be observed as “How can my body abandon me like this, why do I feel extremely unsafe right now?” However with a holistic approach, we work together in Reiki sessions to rediscover that the body IS still supporting you. Your body wants to heal you. In my opinion, what needs to be developed is an inner trust that one is safe. Despite the symptoms the body is showing. This is the core of healing. Getting connected to the root chakra (earth energy), and grounding into feeling safe, supported, and rooted again. Once the root chakra feels safe and clear, then we can begin to work towards balancing the other energy centers.

Boost the Immune System

With Reiki, the immune system begins boosting to fight harder. This boost provides more energy, calms stress levels, and inflammation. Remember that severe stress and overactive fire energy from inflammation, will break down our immune system further. Although chemotherapy does target cancer cells, medical treatment can also unfortunately often break down our healthy cells. It can create changes in appetite, cause increased fatigue, nerve problems, and generalized weakness. It is vital to keep energy levels as optimal as possible during this time. Reiki provides an energy boost and continues to aid the immune system to work for you while undergoing medical treatment.

Shifting Thought Patterns

The mind is a powerful tool. In my experience, negative thoughts can impact our daily living function, feel extremely debilitating, and even weaken our physical body. Reiki helps to promote positive thoughts. Often clients go into a deep meditation during an energy healing session. They begin to sit with their thoughts. They realize most of the time, their thoughts are just fiction. Not necessarily what is occuring on the physical plane or even reality. As they begin to heal their higher chakras, and the third eye opens, they begin to see truth versus fiction. The fog releases. Clients realize that the thoughts are not governing their body. They then begin to produce thoughts that promote connection to their highest self.

Decreased Pain Levels

I’ve noticed clients report significantly decreased pain levels post Reiki treatment. Whether it is muscle spasms, cramping, tightness, achiness and other types of pain. The majority report immediately after the Reiki session that they feel lighter. They feel more connected to their bodies, and with less pain levels which helps them function optimally in daily life. Whether it is small tasks like walking up the stairs, going to the grocery store, or making the bed, they are able to function without being fixated and weighed down by debilitating pain levels.

Overall Quality of Life

The one thing that stands out is that instead of asking “Why me?” the client begins to start initiating action towards their passions, making every day count. My last case (who I worked with for two years) underwent thirty seven rounds of chemotherapy, for stage four stomach cancer. During this time, she began writing her book, filmed a documentary, obtained her real estate license, became Reiki 1 certified, and much more just in the last few years of her life. She was initially told she had three months on this plane. But she lived a very full and productive two years after her stage four diagnosis. She functioned at an optimal level and more fully than most individuals I know who are alive and healthy. 

Routine + Comfort

Amidst all the routine doctors’ visits and medical treatment, Reiki gives a client something to look forward to. Something that is solely for them. No nurses intervening, no one picking and prodding at them. Just a safe space where they can be heard, relax, and feel like they can fully let go. There is no judgment here; they can scream, cry, laugh, and listen to their bodies without being seen as just a person with cancer. The masks fall and they relax into their pure light again- the individual remembers who they are at their core. The soul begins to speak. The entire energy body begins to heal and shift- and they know that they are still whole. These by far are the most beautiful moments for me.

Author’s Note: Observations are based on clients with a diagnosis of cancer who received Reiki treatment consistently anywhere from two to four times per month at Reiki Traveler LLC*

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