How Do Your Lungs Affect Fertility?

According to Chinese Medicine Theory the Lung Energy is responsible for “receiving” precious Universal energies into the body. Think about what the Lung does biologically; it receives oxygen and pushes out carbon dioxide. So now, put aside your logical brain and imagine your Lung taking in precious Universal energies . . . like your baby’s Spirit. It is the job of the Lungs to receive your baby’s Spirit once you conceive.

At my acupuncture practice whenever working with a fertility patient, the Lung energy is nourished before and after ovulation has occurred. I especially pay special attention to the Lung energy when assisting women through the transfer process of IVF or an IUI. Nourishing the Lung energy offers a greater chance that the womb will be able to “receive” the Spirit.

The Goddess Hathor

The Goddess Hathor is the Goddess of receptivity. I often call to her during Reiki sessions with my fertility patients. There are many challenges that women face, and motherhood is no different. Being nurturers by nature we are constantly giving. Giving away our emotions, affection, and energy. It is important to allow yourself to receive as well. Receive help, gifts, and even compliments whenever you can. When we receive, we keep our bodies and Spirit in balance. Balance is essential for conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Daily Breath-Work

Doing a daily meditation practice focusing on simple belly breaths is an excellent use of your time if you are trying to conceive or if you are already pregnant. Breathe in and out, sending breath through your diaphragm, all the way down to the uterus . . . none of that chest breathing crap! We’re not in ballet class, so let your beautiful buddha belly hang out! Deep and slow, with each breath you take in all the deliciousness the Universe can offer.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if this exercise is a real challenge for you—it’s called a practice for a reason. Even two minutes a day is better than none.

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