Health Benefits of Cistus Tea

I am sure you have heard of all of the benefits of green tea. Green tea is after all loaded with anti-oxidants, promotes brain functioning, and aids digestion. But, have you ever heard of Cistus tea? Likely not! It’s not very common or well known. However, there are many reasons Cistus tea may be beneficial for your health.

Cistus (otherwise known as Rockrose) is made from a pretty pink and white plant that grows primarily in the Mediterranean, Morocco, and parts of the Middle East. Cistus is rich in polyphenols, a micronutrient found in many plant based foods. (Green tea, berries, and certain nuts are all foods that are rich in polyphenols.) They are packed with anti-oxidants and help with a wide range of health concerns like diabetes and heart disease. So why not add a cup to your day?

A Pink Cistus Plant

Antiviral Warrior!

What makes Cistus tea unique is it powerful antiviral properties. There have been many breakthrough studies showing that Cistus tea is effective again HIV, Lyme Disease, Ebola, and Influenza A (the Flu) Virus!

How? The short story, is that Cistus acts to prevent the the virus from attaching to the host cells. When a virus infects the body it starts to attach with viral envelope proteins, which is the “envelope” or shell that holds the viral DNA or RNA. Once a virus invades the body and attaches to a host cell, the DNA or RNA starts to replicate. After a virus as replicated so many times a patient will begin to notice signs and symptoms of the illness. The viral envelope is what allows the virus to actually attach itself to the host cell. Without attaching to a host cell, the virus can not replicate. Studies have shown Cistus actually inhibits the action of the viral envelope, making it a potent antiviral fighter!

Antibacterial + Antifungal Too!

In addition to the miraculous antiviral fighting properties, Cistus is always antibacterial and antifungal! Drinking some Cistus tea is an excellent way to fight off candida, tooth decay, and other dangerous pathogens. Adding a cup or two to your daily routine is a great way to keep your immune system kicking! It’s excellent to go to battle for you and amazing for prevention. Plus is tastes pretty yummy too!

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