Business Mentoring

Want To Be a Professional Hippie?

While studying for my Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, there was a constant dark cloud of paranoia that would hover overhead. Is this all going to be worth it? Would I ever have clients? Would I ever have a practice? Sh*t, would I ever make money? For acupuncturists and healers alike, it is known that when you are just starting out, the job prospectus can be grim. For three years at acupuncture school, I would constantly hear the negativity and poor statistics of students who will actually practice after graduation. What I never heard was advice, guidance, or even a measly tip on how to start, grow and build a thriving alternative health business. So, how do you start an alternative healthcare business and build it into a successful practice? Allow me to mentor you so that you may build a business where yes, you can actually make money being a professional hippie!

Through one-on-one business mentoring I will walk you through the steps of understanding your brand, your practice and business structure, how to get clients in the door, and just as important; how to keep them! Let me share my “professional hippie wit’s” with you, and guide you into building the practice you have always dreamed you could have. It can be done, you are all amazing and have gifts to share, I promise it is possible!

Intrigued and want to learn more about how you can make money doing what you are passionate about? Contact me with any inquiries and let’s get to work! xo