Headache or Conflicting Thoughts of the Mind?

Head Pain

The head should never hurt. Unfortunately, a vast portion of the population suffers from headaches and migraines. Some experience debilitating headaches on a weekly basis. Being an acupuncturist, I have treated my fair share of headache patients. What I have observed, is a correlation between the headache and conflicting thoughts of the mind.

Editors Note: this is not a scientific post. I am not going to get all wordy with you, you can do to healthline for that sh*t. This post is based on observations I have personally witnessed while treating headache and migraines patients at my acupuncture practice.

The Battle of the Left and Right Brain

I hope this is no surprise but, the brain is made up of two separate hemispheres; the left and the right. The left side of the brain is the analytical. The pensive, numbers, logical and all out reasoning side. The right side of the brain is the sensitive. The emotional, spiritual, intuitive, and artistic side. I never like the generalize but when it comes to the brain, the left is the masculine and the right is the feminine. Now, if you are a woman who resonate more with analytical factual thought, that doesn’t mean you are not feminine. That just means you rely more on your masculine senses (many do). Same goes for a man who is more intuitive and emotional.

Over the years observing and treating, I find it to be common for the instincts between the left and right brain to not get along. For instance, how often do you find yourself pushing back or over-thinking the urge to do something you desire to do? Are you indecisive? Do you worry? Perhaps are you constantly getting yourself into bad situations, because you did not think about your actions and consequences? This is the left and the right brain!

How often do you find yourself pushing back or over-thinking the urge to do something you desire to do?

Sometimes we just need to flow with situations, flow with the Universe and whatever she might throw our way. If we are constantly trying to think our way through things, we are trying to control too much. The physical strain between the two hemispheres is no different than a physical strain on your shoulder or neck muscles. If you are constantly overthinking or second guessing your instincts, then of course your brain muscles are going to be angry AF!

Childhood Values and Beliefs vs. Who You Are Now

I see it often and trust me it’s very easy to do, when it comes to healing we blame our parents. We blame our past experiences and our upbringing. Let’s be honest, many of us are raised and taught one way. Strong values and beliefs are established and ingrained at a very young age. An age when personal opinions have no chance to form. Children are beautiful blank slates of innocence. They inevitably start to pick up on some of our (yes, we all do it) poor behaviors like opinions, prejudices, and judgements. When it comes to headaches and migraines (in particular) I believe the root of the pain falls into this pattern.

Strong values and beliefs are established and ingrained at a very young age. An age when personal opinions have no chance to form.

Professionally, I energetically view a migraine as the brain in all out war with itself. Think auto-immune, where the body is attacking itself for no scientific diagnostic reason. It is possible someone was raised in a very strict belief household, but their soul is actually supposed to be wild and free. They were raised to be doctors or lawyers but, they desire to be an artist. They have lived their lives following strict guidance and have resisted following their heart every step of the way. The left and the right brain are no longer disagreeing, it’s now an epic battle.

If you constantly fight yourself on who you are in the present moment, then you are not living your life’s true path. Whenever a person falls off of their guided path, unexplained pain manifests within the body. In this case, as migraines (which are clinically very difficult to effectively treat). When your past beliefs no longer co-exist with who you are then it’s time to shift. I know change is terrifying. We all fear the unknown but, it’s healthy and sometimes we just need to take a leap. Change is really ok.

Healing Suggestion

Next time you feel a headache or migraine creeping up on you check in with yourself. Are you questioning yourself? Questioning your beliefs or values? Are you following what intuitively feels right? Where is the discussion occurring in your body? Try to quiet it for a moment. Take a couple of breaths, sink into your body, and listen to those quiet whispers deep within. Listen to your heart, listen to your soul. What does it tell you to do?

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