Can’t Get Knocked Up?

Have you been trying to conceive for months?  Urinating on endless ovulation kits? Having sex so often it has become work?  I understand the frustration and rollercoaster of emotions you are experiencing.  When your doctor says everything is “normal,” then there must be another reason why you haven’t been able to conceive.  At my acupuncture practice, I see it frequently; women who have been told by their Western doctors that there is nothing physically wrong, but yet the struggle to conceive remains.  Since blood and ultrasounds all confirm there is no physical issue, it is time to consider what might be energetically blocking you from conceiving your unborn child’s Spirit.  From treatment experience, I have found these answers usually live within the subconscious.  The place where we bury “bad” memories and traumatic experiences to forget forever.  Unfortunately, in order to understand our energetic blockages we need to dig up these forgotten experiences and emotions.  

“When your doctor says everything is “normal,” then there must be another reason why you haven’t been able to conceive.”

OK Ladies, grab some tissues and let’s get to work! 

There’s so much to consider when peeling back this complicated onion. Let’s start with the most important question, how do you emotionally feel about motherhood? Why are you drawn to motherhood and what does being a mother mean to you?  One thing to note, I am asking about motherhood, not about having a baby.  Yes, there is a difference.  A baby is an event to plan for.  Motherhood is a lifestyle change, a path a woman choses to walk down for the rest of her lifetime.  Think about what emotionally connects you to motherhood, that’s the emotional shit we are striving to dig up. 

“I am asking about motherhood, not having a baby. Yes, there is a difference.”

Perhaps this question is challenging for you?  That’s ok, this is a complicated situation.  Remember, there’s so much more to consider.  For instance, how is your relationship with your own mother and family?  How was your childhood?  How was your first sexual experience?  What is your general attitude towards your cycle and body? What are your fears and excitements about this next part of your journey?  I could go on!  Understanding what lights your fire when it comes to the idea of motherhood, opens up the heart and subconscious thought.  Understanding your fears also helps to understand the deep and dark (twisted) depths of your soul.  

Emotions are heavy and f*ck they are so complicated.  Unfortunately, we live in a society where expressing emotion is socially unacceptable.  However, when we do not emit emotions, that shit is left to sit and stir in the body.  Just because we didn’t release the emotions does not mean we did not create them.  They have to go somewhere.  Fear, guilt, shame, and anger are all heavy emotions, when suppressed they eventually fall into the pelvic bowl.  When we can’t let go of these emotions the energy stagnates, leaving no space for conception to occur.  As an example, perhaps your relationship with your own mother is not that great?  You may not be able to communicate with one another, perhaps it’s even abusive, or estranged.  I am sure this relationship makes you doubt your ability to bond and to develop a positive relationship with your own child.  This situation would bring up plenty of fears and likely plenty of anger.  Acknowledging these emotions is the first step to understanding what might be energetically blocking you.  Letting go of fears, regret, and even the pain, will eventually make space for conception to occur.  Sometimes we just need to let go of what we no longer need, in order to create space for what we desire.

I encourage you to truly open yourself up to the honest answers here.  Quiet your mind, and ask yourself the questions out-loud.  What is the initial thought that comes through?  That is your emotional connection to motherhood.  If you feel stumped and honestly don’t have a reason, try to connect to the reason you might have doubts about motherhood.  Chances are you already know that answer too. 

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