D-E-T-O-X (Inflammatory Diet)

Feeling sluggish? Constipated and bloated, achy, or just gross?  It’s easy to understand that our systems are inflamed every once in a while. There is a lot of nonsense found in the food that we eat, and we all live hectic fast-paced schedules. It’s unfortunate but, every now and again, it is necessary to do an anti-inflammatory detox diet to maintain balance.  

To begin, I always start out with the intention of completing a seven day anti-inflammatory detox diet. However, I also know that detoxing and dieting can be very challenging. I’d like to offer realistic advice; so try starting out by shooting for three to five days.  In my experience, I have noticed the first three days tend to be the worst. Most toxins are leaving the body during this time period. Which tends to leave us feeling sluggishness, tired, and irritable.  However, once I reach day five, I start feeling so good that completing a full week is no big deal!  Push yourself to get through those first few days and see how you feel.  Like most challenges, a mind of matter approach is typically best!

Foods to Remove (Detox)

Whenever I detox, I always do inflammatory detoxing from my system. Inflammatory foods include anything processed. Yes, that means everything in your pantry that doesn’t expire until 2030. It also includes sugars (carbs), alcohol, dairy, coffee, and processed meats. Basically, if the cavemen didn’t eat it than you can’t either — but only for a week! 

Foods to Add (Anti-Inflammatory Foods)

In addition to removing foods that cause inflammation, it is also important to add anti-inflammatory foods while detoxing. Anti-inflammatory foods include: turmeric, bone broth, broccoli, leafy greens, avocados, summer squash, berries, and green tea. Try substituting your coffee for green tea! Perhaps make a bone broth soup with lots of leafy greens and turmeric for the week. Then, for breakfast try eating some berries and beets instead of that sugary cereal.  You can totally make this detox diet work for you! Pace yourself, drink a sh*t ton of water, and substitute where you can to make it manageable.