Connect With Your Spirit Guides

What Are Spirit Guides?

Being a Reiki Master and Certified Psychic-Medium, I’ve had numerous experiences with many Spirit Guides. Over the years, I’ve connected with not only my own guides, but also the guides of my clients. Having a profound appreciation for these beautiful spirit helpers, I wanted to assist others in connecting with their own Spirit Guides. It’s important to understand how they help us, how they show up, how to know if they’re around, and what we can do to have a better connection with them. 

There are many guides that show up in our lifetime.  Some show up temporarily to help us with specific situations or life’s transitions.  Some show up in certain times and will stay for the remainder of our lives.  Other guides will be there from the beginning to the end.  If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it is that our guides have a divine purpose, to help us in our life’s journey.  

Meeting My Guides

In 2013, before having my first Spirit Guide reading, I was looking for validation. I asked out loud, if my Guide was indeed real, to please tell me it’s name.  Not kidding when I say, before I even finished my sentence, I heard a whisper–“Jack”. Too coincidental I said!  No way, it was so clichè, and out of all names Jack comes through?  Whatever!!!  The next day I had my reading.  My very first Guide came through.  He was a male and dressed like the Robin Hood era.  In my heart I felt that I shared a past life with him.  He was my Master Guide. 

^ Maria Molina of Flower Magick

A Master Guide is the guide that is there in utero, and will remain with you until the transition to the afterlife.  What floored me was that his name was in fact Jack!  That whisper I mistook for my own voice was Jack’s.  This made me wonder how often Jack had spoken to me throughout my life? How many times had I dismissed it because I just did not know better?  Many other guides showed up in this reading and each one of them had a specific purpose in my life.  That was my first experience with meeting my Spirit Guides. 

Recognizing Spirit Guides 

Not all guides communicate the same way.  Some prefer to show themselves via clear seeing (clairvoyance), through clear feeling (clairsentience), clear hearing (clairaudience), or just clear knowing (claircognizance). Not all guides want to be seen via third eye.  Some have names, while others may resonate better with numbers, or just a spark of light from our peripheral. Also know, your guides may not have a gender.  Some choose to be androgynous. 

Know that some guides have also had lives on Earth, but some have never.  Each guide will vibrate at a different frequency.  There will be some who come from star systems, Ascended Masters can be our spirit guides too. However, from experience Ascended Masters usually show up for big transitions only. As an example, Mother Mary has showed up for me during times of hardship while being a single mother. 

Ancestors vs. Spirit Guides

There will be guides in which we shared past lives with. Our ancestors can be our guides as well. However, don’t mistake them for a loved one that has passed away during your current life.  If your loved one has passed on, they will not be your Spirit Guide. However, know they can still guide, and help you in their own way.

The difference between a loved one who has passed and a Spirit Guide, is the agreement that was made prior to you coming into this existence.  Yes, an agreement was made with your guides to show up in different times of our lives.  Stay with me now! For example, there’s a guide that shows up for me when my heart has been broken.  I feel her in my heartspace.  I say “her” because it’s a feminine energy I feel.  When I began my Psychic Mediumship work I had a new Guide show up for me. This Guide is still around because I’ve continued to do this work.  Another Guide shows up when I need to speak. He is my Communicator Guide who helps me with my throat chakra.  

Huacas are tools Shamanic Practitioners use to connect with their Spirit Guides. Shells, sound bowls, rattles, crystals and rocks are all Huacas.

I have two different Shaman Guides, and they each show up for different purposes.  The first shows up when I do Shamanic Journeying work for clients.  He looks like a Shaman from my homeland in Ecuador.  Brown skin worn by the sun, more of a native look.  The second Shaman Guide is of African decent; face paint, no shirt and rounder features.  This Guide comes around when I do Spellwork/Magick. He protects me and teaches me. He knows what I need to do, what to use for certain spells, and how to protect my energy when doing so.  It’s beautiful to know that your guides are just a request away.  If you need them they will show up.  And they all show up differently.    

An Exercise to Meet Your Guides

Below is an exercise I enjoy doing to learn about each of my guides.  This exercise was taught to me by my mentor. I continue to use to this exercise to this day. It is simplistic and effective!

1.  Find a quiet place to sit (or lay)

2.  Breathe + start to relax your body

3.  Set the intention to connect with a guide (your Master Guide is a great guide to start with)

4.  With your eyes closed, ask your Master Guide to step close to you and ask that they give you their calling card.  A calling card is your guide’s distinct way of showing you that they are near, it is unique with each guide.  As an example, perhaps you may get a whiff of roses? So, from then on when your Master Guide is close, you’ll smell roses.  Remember, their calling card can be anything.  For me, when Jack is near, my foot itches.  He communicates with me via my feet.  Some people may see color, hear a name, or even actually see their guide.

5.  Be open to receiving the calling card in any way it decides show itself. (Do this for 30 seconds to a 1 minute.)
6.  Now ask your Guide to step back.  As your Guide steps out of your energy field, you should feel a subtle difference.  (Stay this way for 30 seconds to 1 minute.)

7.  Ask your Guide to step closer again. Pay attention to what you may be feeling, seeing, hearing or just knowing.  

8.  In order to distinguish your Guide’s unique presence, follow these steps as many times as you need!

Did you meet any Spirit Guides? Like most esoteric practices, take in any of the information provided here that resonates, and simply leave what doesn’t. We are all on our own unique journey and will have very different experiences with our guides.  That is what makes them our own. What’s important, is to be open to meeting our spiritual messengers, and to understand how they are here to guide us along the way.

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