Confessions Of A Fertility Medium

I’ve always been different. Always empathic and overly sensitive, I am after all a Cancer. At my acupuncture practice I treat a wide range of health complaints. However, over time I have become in large part a fertility specialist healer. Even with work, I continue to remain different and unique. My style of fertility treatments are empathic and spiritual. Roughly five years ago, I had an experience that shifted my perception completely. All awareness of just how “sensitive” I truly am, changed forever. My unique experience awakened a bizarre sixth sense I never knew existed.

A Little Backstory

Unfortunately, this experience was not long after I had miscarried. Yes, I am a fertility specialist healer, so I professionally understand miscarriages are common. However, personally my heart and emotions felt heavy and betrayed. Grasping the reality of what has occurred within your womb is a torturous emotional battle. So, I turned to my spiritual practices. While I experienced a real sense of loss, I found peace when I reminded myself that the Universe always has a bigger plan. I remembered that the feminine Spirit is an unwavering strength. She is able to shine through any darkness.

However, the feminine body and Spirit is also never exactly the same after a miscarriage. There is inevitably a change. No matter how brief the pregnancy or how strong the woman, something is just different. The feeling of pregnancy is like nothing else. Once you have experienced it, you won’t ever forget how it feels within.

The Experience

It was a Tuesday, and my patient Susan walked into my office. I had been treating her for months. Like most New York women she was overstressed and overworked. She was intelligent, recently married, and totally one of my favorites! Like usual, we treated her digestion and stress. Everything progressed as usual. Acupuncture needles were in and I felt her energy start to calm. Five minutes into the session, I suddenly felt overwhelmed, a familiar sensation through my body. I felt pregnant. I felt full, an unsettling nausea, and disorienting dizziness. I stepped back and gently asked Susan “is there any chance you might be pregnant?” She was taken aback, “I mean, we had sex unprotected one time this month” she replied. “You don’t think… Do you?”

“I felt pregnant. I felt full, an unsettling nausea, and disorienting dizziness.”

She had about a week until she could actually do a pregnancy test, so all we could do was wait. Two weeks later, a wide eyed Susan walked into my office and immediately said “you were right, I’m pregnant.” We just stared at each other and laughed. There was nothing to say.

While in this moment I thought perhaps it was a fluke, or maybe I was just really good at Reiki this one day. I did not share this experience with anyone at the time. How could I? I could hardly believe it all myself. Where was this magic coming from?

A Healer’s Wounds

Healers often think of their wounds (illness, hurt, or trauma) as profound lessons, that are karmically meant to occur, so that they may help others heal. Naturally while thinking about feeling Susan’s pregnancy, I started to relate back to my miscarriage. Was my previous pregnancy a spiritual message? A message that was meant to awaken my connection to this bizarre sixth sense? After all, I never would have recognized the sensation during Susan’s session without having been previously pregnant. I believe everything happens for a reason, and perhaps I had just experienced that reason. Sure, it’s a little wacky to consider, but isn’t this entire story really f*cking wacky?

“Was my previous pregnancy a spiritual message, meant to awaken my connection to this bizarre sixth sense?”

The Magic Lives On

As you can guess, this phenomenon didn’t stop with Susan, it became a regular occurrence. Fertility patients have come and gone. Yes, many of them I sensed the pregnancy well before a positive pregnancy test. I have even sensed my college roommate’s pregnancy from three states away, my Sister’s pregnancy days after she had just found out (and no, she hadn’t told anyone), and even a woman standing next to me in line at Starbucks. Yes, I know that’s a bit invasive, but she was literally making me feel so sick, I just couldn’t resist! Maaaaaadness I know!

It’s taken some time to get comfortable and attempt to understand this “skill”. However, being a fertility specialist healer it has come in handy. I’m certainly not claiming to be right 100% of the time, and of course I have been wrong before. I’m human, not a magician! And no, I can’t explain any of it, nor do I want to try. When I am right, it’s a gift that always amazes me. It’s pure magic and yes, I can hardly believe it myself!

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