Clear Skin Secret: Aztec Indian Healing Clay

Yes, I am forever loyal to CeraVe. I have also been crushing hardcore over the True Botanicals products. However, when it comes to deep cleansing and pore management I am crazy about Aztec Indian Healing Clay. I have consistently used it for over a decade and it is the bomb! Here are only a few reasons why it is the only mask you will ever need.

No Chemicals or Weird Sh*t!

Bentonite clay is known as a potent and chemically safe deep pore cleanser. When I say safe, I mean that there is absolutely nothing added to this product! There are no chemicals, Parabens, or any other weird sh*t cosmetic companies might try to sneak into your mud mask.

Removes Toxins Without Stealing All Your Moisture

Pure calcium bentonite clay naturally pulls out toxins from the skin. What’s amazing about the clay is that it naturally detoxifies, but doesn’t completely dry out the skin. You can literally feel all the itchy toxins leaving your skin as the mask dries. However, you are not left with dry flaky skin. Instead, the clay also naturally softens and soothes. Every time I use the clay, my complexion reveals a natural rosy youthful glow immediately after.

Natural Detoxifier

Bentonite clay is also a natural detoxifier. Some cultures even drink a little bit of bentonite clay in their morning water. A little clay in the water removes metals and toxins from the body. When consumed it may help remove bad bacteria, regulate the gut, or even sooth reflux. Many even suggest putting it into a soaking bath when detoxing to remove heavy metals from the body.

When applied to the skin it successfully detoxes the pores and removes toxins. Use as a short term mask all over the face, or for spot acne treatment overnight (even annoying back acne). Those who struggle with psoriasis and eczema even report successful outcomes when consistently using Aztec Indian Healing Clay. It is even soothing enough to use on inflamed and irritated bug bites.