CeraVe, You Rock My World

True story, I struggled with rosacea for a significant part of my life.  Random and annoying cheek, chin, and nose irritation redness outbreaks.  I tried product after product.  Everything promised to be gentle, non-irritating, organic, and great for rosacea or eczema prone skin.  Trust me, I tried them all!  My poor wallet was assaulted on the regular through these times.  Unfortunately, I can honestly say that no matter how expensive or “celebrity approved” the product, nothing ever consistently worked.  Not until CeraVe (cue the angelic music)! 

I discovered CeraVe back in 2008 on the bottom shelf at my local drugstore.  CeraVe hit the market in 2006 and started as only a couple of products; I believe a cream, lotion and cleanser.  Yes, it was also stored on the bottom shelf, unlike Aveeno and Neutrogena, you had to really look for this stuff.  But wow, what a find!  The moisturizing cream comes in a huge tub (talk about quantity), is thick and nourishing, and filled with ceramides (talk about quality)! The magic to the product is the ceramides.  All of the products contain ceramides 1, 3, and 6-II.  Now, I am not a dermatologist, but the way it has been explained to me is that the ceramides act to not only absorb the moisture, but also act as a barrier to keep it in as well.  The potency of the ceramides is how the skin is able to repair and strengthen so quickly.  I swear it works fast!  CeraVe is now the main go-to product for dermatologist and is the National Eczema Associations go-to as well.  Sorry Aveeno!

Image from CeraVe.com

I do not have eczema, but after struggling with rosacea for so long I was curious about this unknown product.  To my delight, after a few days of use, I noticed a HUGE difference.  Not only did the redness fade, but it stayed away.  I also could feel a real difference in my skin.  It was soft like a baby’s bottom, smooth (no more rosacea irritation bumps on my cheeks), and even the temperature of my skin felt calmed.  The irritation was gone!  Whenever people ask me what my skin care secrets are CeraVe is the first secret I mention.  It is truly a miracle and no other product (no matter how glamorous or expensive) ever matches up to its consistency.  Their line now consists of 70 different products and are no longer on the bottom shelf.  CeraVe now even makes baby products and mineral based sunscreens, which obviously I am stocked up with all of them.  My personal favorites are the hydrating cleanser, AM SPF lotion, and moisturizing cream. Thank you CeraVe for keeping my witchy complexion pale and irritation free, I heart you!