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The Empath-In-Chief

The Video, The Hug During the final weeks leading up to the election, like many, I was blown away by

Social Distancing_spring_COVID19_House of Healer

Why Social Distancing Might Be Even More Important During the Spring Season

Five Elements (TCM) Acupuncturists and those who study Eastern Medicine recognize Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Every

Walk like a goddess_House of Healer

How to Walk Like a Goddess

Walk Like a Man In 1963, Frankie Valli sang “Walk Like a Man” to toughen up his “Jersey Boy” image.

Trump_The Shadow Archtype

Trump + The Shadow Archetype

Archetypes Not assuming everyone knows what an Archetype is, so let’s begin there.  Archetypes are patterns (or blueprints) of inherited


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