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Depression_Moon_House of Healer

Does the Lunar Cycle Impact Depression?

Mental Illness Awareness Week Rounding out Mental Illness Awareness week with something personal. Like many healers, I have personally struggled

True Botanicals Review_House of Healer

I’ve Used True Botanicals for Five Months– and I’m Hooked

OK so we all know that I am OBSESSED with CeraVe. It is a miracle product when it comes to

Connect With Spirit Guides_House Of Healer

Connect With Your Spirit Guides

What Are Spirit Guides? Being a Reiki Master and Certified Psychic-Medium, I’ve had numerous experiences with many Spirit Guides. Over

Tarot Forecast 9/22/19_House of Healer

Tarot Forecast: Don’t Fear Your Competition; Enjoy Your Treasures

Nine of Pentacles You have been working very hard, now is the time to enjoy all the benefits. It is

How to purchase CBD_House of Healer

How to Make an Informed CBD Purchase

Want to make an informed CBD purchase but don’t know where to start? Overwhelmed by all the CBD products and

Sexy Essential Oils_House of Healer

Essential Oils to Get You Hot (Aphrodisiacs)

Whenever I think of Essential Oils that are meant to be used in the bedroom it takes me back to

Dear Hubby, No I Do Not Want to Have a Threesome

Delusional Male Chatter Full disclosure, I have been married a long time, and we actually have a very comfortable and

Tarot Forecast_HOH

Tarot Forecast: Long Term Happiness, Love + Fulfillment

Ten of Cups with the new Full Moon energy = alignment! Everything is working out according to the Divine. All

Friday the 13th_House of Healer

Origins of Friday the 13th

Parakevidekatriaphobes: Those who fear Friday the 13th The Origins While the true origins of Friday the 13th are unclear, there


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