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Tarot Forecast 9/22/19_House of Healer

Tarot Forecast: Don’t Fear Your Competition; Enjoy Your Treasures

Nine of Pentacles You have been working very hard, now is the time to enjoy all the benefits. It is

How to purchase CBD_House of Healer

How to Make an Informed CBD Purchase

Want to make an informed CBD purchase but don’t know where to start? Overwhelmed by all the CBD products and

Tarot Forecast_HOH

Tarot Forecast: Long Term Happiness, Love + Fulfillment

Ten of Cups with the new Full Moon energy = alignment! Everything is working out according to the Divine. All

Friday the 13th_House of Healer

Origins of Friday the 13th

Parakevidekatriaphobes: Those who fear Friday the 13th The Origins While the true origins of Friday the 13th are unclear, there

What The F*ck Is ASMR_House of Healer

What the F*ck is ASMR?

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a relaxation technique phenomenon that has taken YouTube by storm.  What started as a

Tarot Forecast: Mapping Out Your Battle Plan

Two of Staffs indicates inspiration to make intensive plans. It is no time for action but instead time to be

Where Do You Find Happiness_House of Healer

Where Do You Find Happiness?

Are you chasing happiness?  Think all you need is a little more money, that new job, the big promotion, the

Weekly Tarot Forecast_House of Healer

Tarot Forecast: Planning for Success

Three of Staffs calls for plans plans plans! There is much potential in the atmosphere for you at this time,

Pressures to Procreate, Modern Woman, Baby

Pressures to Procreate

Why do you want to be a mother?  Sure, it is an odd question, but if a baby has been


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