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tea leaves for fertility, conception and healthy pregnancy

Fertility Tea

Trying to get pregnant?  Whether you are thinking about conceiving or have already been trying to conceive these delightful drinks

How to Avoid Getting Sick_House of Healer

Practical Hygiene Habits to Avoid Getting Sick

Let’s face it, this years “flu” has been like nothing we have experienced. The weather has been warmer than ever

Cistus Tea Benefits_House of Healer

Health Benefits of Cistus Tea

I am sure you have heard of all of the benefits of green tea. Green tea is after all loaded

Te-Fiti Juice_House of Healer

Te-Fiti Green Juice

Full disclosure, I have made this super simple green juice for years. However, my Daughter is OBSESSED with Moana. No

Does Pineapple Make your Coochie Sweet_House of Healer

Can Pineapple Make Your Coochie Sweet?

You Are What You Eat!   At least, that’s what the saying is.  A while back I heard a rumor,

High Fat, Low Sugar Diet_House of Healer

My High Fat, Low Sugar Lifestyle (Diet)

Lifestyle Change I was recently treated for Lyme Disease. I have decided to dive into that saga in a later

Chicken Soup for Healer's Soul_House of Healer

Chicken Soup for the Healer’s Soul

I am certainly no Neurotic Mommy but, from time to time I do love to cook! Acupuncture and TCM in

Inflammation Detox_House of Healer

D-E-T-O-X (Inflammatory Diet)

Feeling sluggish? Constipated and bloated, achy, or just gross?  It’s easy to understand that our systems are inflamed every once

Fall Seasonal Tips_House of Healer

How to Stay Healthy This Fall (5 Quick Tips)

Eat Seasonal Foods I preach this year round to my patients!  I honestly can’t say it enough, eating seasonal foods


Daily Health Tips from My House to Yours