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Baby Whisperer_House of Healer

Confessions Of A Fertility Medium

I’ve always been different. Always empathic and overly sensitive, I am after all a Cancer. At my acupuncture practice I

Learning to Trust My Intuition _House of Healer

(Something Personal) Learning to Slow Down + Lose Control

In Control But Slowing Down During the first trimester of my own pregnancy, I experienced debilitating exhaustion and baby brain

Sexy Essential Oils_House of Healer

Essential Oils to Get You Hot (Aphrodisiacs)

Whenever I think of Essential Oils that are meant to be used in the bedroom it takes me back to

Dear Hubby, No I Do Not Want to Have a Threesome

Delusional Male Chatter Full disclosure, I have been married a long time, and we actually have a very comfortable and

Saging 101_How to Properly Sage_House of Healer

Sage: A Healer’s Guide to Clearing Space

“I need to sage” has quickly become a popular modern day pun! But, how does one properly sage? Want to

Pregnancy Is Really Fucking Hard_House of Healer

You Go Girl! Pregnancy is Really F*cking Hard!

Yep, pregnancy is really f*cking hard and should be acknowledged as such, regardless of whether your body was “designed” to

How to Choose a Crystal_House of Healer

How to Choose a Crystal

Do you want to purchase a crystal, but don’t know where to begin?  Choosing a crystal (or stone) is actually

Crystals to Manifest Abundance_House of Healer

Crystals to Manifest Abundance

Crystals are gifts from Mother Earth.  They are potent and magical pieces of what she naturally grows and provides for

Pediatric Acupuncture_Acupuncture Atelier_ House of Healer

Pediatric Acupuncture

Yes I know— needles are so scary and your child hates getting shots!  Don’t fret mama! If you have never


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