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Kardashians Persona_House of Healer

The Kardashians: Why is This What We Aspire to Be?

The American Dream? OK, so the recent photos of Khloe reveal a whole new face and Kylie Jenner is apparently

Earth Angel_House of Healer

Earth Angel Qualities + Characteristics

Have you ever heard of an Earth Angel? No, I am not just making sh*t up! Earth Angels are real

Vir-Away Keeps the Dr. Away!

My latest O B S E S S I O N is the Vir-Away essential oil blend from Snow Lotus.

Pediatric Acupuncture_Acupuncture Atelier_ House of Healer

Pediatric Acupuncture

Yes I know— needles are so scary and your child hates getting shots!  Don’t fret mama! If you have never


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