Being an Empath During COVID-19


Shout out to all my fellow empaths! Hope you all haven’t quickly spiraled into the complete darkness and panic of COVID-19. Truth, I had a horrible day last week. Thursday, I was filled with complete anxiety and found myself on the verge of a full blown panic attack. I quickly caught myself before it escalated, but it forced me to quickly dive into my grounding and shielding energy practices.

What is an Empath

For those who are unfamiliar with what an Empath might be; an Empath is someone who feels the emotions (or the energy) of others and situations. An Empath is literally empathic and can actually feel your emotions when they are around you. They can even sense an emotional or energetic shifts in a room. They just FEEL everything!

Being an empath can be very rewarding. They naturally have the ability to understand what others are emotionally needing during challenging times. Empaths have the ability to bring calm and healing quite naturally and authentically. Never underestimate the healing powers of being around a true empath. They can feel what you are going through, so they can truly relate, even if for only that moment.

Like most things, being an Empath has its challenges as well. Especially if you are unaware of being an Empath. You may be walking around taking in all of the emotions all around you, on a day-to-day basis. When this happens a “young” Empath will likely find themselves spinning with anxiety and/or depression. This can even lead to fatigue. After all, emotions are complicated right? Many of us can barely understand our own emotions, can you imagine feeling everyone else’s without being aware of it? Yeah, it can be a mind f*ck! But, once you realize the emotions you are experiencing aren’t necessarily your own, it gets much easier.

Too Many Emotions

During stressful times, especially times where mass amounts of people are being effected by sadness, fear, or tragedy many Empaths retreat inward. Being open to mass emotions is extremely dangerous to an Empath’s mental health, and it is something to really take into consideration during the COVID-19 pandemic. Too many fears are awakening a wide array and constant flood of emotions. It can feel draining and completely erratic for am Empath to cope with.

Psychic Shields + Daily Reassurance

What is important during these times is to take one day at a time. The fears, the sadness, the panic, and even the grief are all unavoidable. We can not turn off the Empath switch, nor can we ask people to stop feeling their emotions. Instead, what is essential is to practice psychic shields. Every morning imagine a bright white light shining around you, protecting you, shielding you from all the emotions that are not yours. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are experiencing and never shut that down. Simply just make sure you are protecting yourself from what is not yours.

Since we are experiencing something unlike anything, I encourage you to tune in with yourself throughout the day. Just make sure all of the emotions you are experiencing are your own and are justified. As an Empath, it is very easy to get caught up in a world wind of emotions and spiral. Taking in another person(s) emotions can manifest as anxiety, anger, or irrational behavior…almost manic. If you are able to constantly tune in with yourself, each and every day, you will be able to maintain your psychic shield much easier.

Sure, this sh*t might sound crazy to some. However, the ones who understand it and to the ones I am speaking to, please move slowly and be gentle with yourself. A little extra awareness these days will go a long way. We will get through this.

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