7 Places to Have a Quickie

In a committed relationship?  Been married for a while?  Well, I am sure you’ve heard it before but, sex is super important for all relationships.  However, let’s be honest, we are all f*cking busy!  Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to have a proper romp.  If things are hectic or if you are f*cking exhausted, then quickies are a perfect way to maintain the sugar and spice.  Below are (only) a few fun suggestions for where you can partake in a quick one!  

In the Shower

An activity that occurs daily! Why not join your partner in the shower? Even better surprise them!  What better way to start your day and you are conserving water!!!

Kitchen Counter

According to many surveys, the kitchen is the busiest and most crowded room in many households.  Next time it’s just the two of you (or if you are feeling scandalous and all of your guests are in the other room), try and steal a quick moment on the countertop.  However, remember to sanitize after, let’s keep it civilized people!

The Car

Front seat, back seat, in an ally, in a parking lot, stuck in traffic….I could go on.  Pick your favorite seat, location, and go for it!  Beep beep!

Starbucks Bathroom

The lines at Starbucks seem to get longer and longer.  A quickie in the bathroom might make the wait for your macchiato not so bad!

The Beach 

Yes I know, Summer is over! However, if you are able to pull off a quickie during the busy Summer months then I bow down to your skills set.  The off season is so much more reasonable.  Just be aware, this location does leave evidence; known as sand in every crack.

At a Party (Find a Room)

You start drinking, you get a little frisky, just take it to the nearest vacant room!  Makes me reminisce about the good ole’ days— college, minus all of the classy red solo cups scattered everywhere!

Fitting Room

Shopping can be sexy…can’t it?  Why not!  If the moment strikes and you are already fashion showing your partner something sexy, take it into your changing room.  However, remember to keep it down, you never know who else might be trying on a pair of pants!

Did I miss any?  Tell me some more good places to sneak in a quick sex session!

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